Apex Legends Revenant Guide – How to Play as Revenant, Best Strategy

Apex Legends Revenant Guide

This Apex Legends Revenant Guide will show you how to play with the new Legend that has been introduced in Season 4 Assimilation. Just like any other Legend in the game, Revenant comes with three abilities; Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate.

Season 4 of Apex Legends has been officially launched and much to the excitement has added in the new Legend Revenant. This mysterious robot assassin was highly anticipated throughout the course of the week since his reveal. Let’s take a look at how you can best play with Revenant and what is the best strategy in using his abilities and push for victory.

Apex Legends Revenant Guide

Below we have detailed all the abilities that Revenant has, and also added some tips on how to play with this new Legend.

Revenant Abilities

Let’s first list all the abilities that Revenant has and then we will go through each of them in detail. Revenant, the robot assassin features the following abilities:

Passive Ability – Stalker: This ability allows Revenant to not only move faster when crouched but also allows him to climb walls higher. Crawling up to get to the roof of a building is more accessible and quicker and you might get used to it pretty quickly

As far as moving faster when crouched is concerned, you will feel some increase in speed compared to other Legends. The speed is not something significant and might only help you get out of tricky situations by making less noise.

Tactical Ability – Silence: This ability allows Revenant to throw a device that will not only deal damage but also disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. The ability recharges after a few seconds and can be used multiple times.

The device leaves off a small effect where if an opponent comes in contact with it, they will be affected by it. The radius is not that large which means you will have to be pretty accurate with the hits. The device stays on for a few seconds until disappearing.

Ultimate Ability – Death Totem: This ability allows Revenant to drop a Totem anywhere that will protect users from death. Instead of getting killed or down, you will return to the totem. This ability works really well when you are ready to push a team. It basically gives you and your team an additional life to get back in the game.

Revenant Combat Tips

Now that you know all the abilities and how they work, making the most out of Revenant can be challenging and will require some thinking out of the box. His Stalker ability comes in handy and can be the make or break if you are flanking an opponent. Though this low profile makes him harder to hit, it does increase incoming damage by 5%. So you have to be aware of opponents carrying Heavy Ammo weapons, especially the new Charged Sniper rifle that can easily melt you.

His Silence device should be used just before you are ready to take on the enemies. Paired with his Stalker ability, you can silently throw the device just before rushing in for a full-on attack. The opponents will not only be damaged but will not be able to use their abilities. It creates a perfect opportunity to ambush unaware opponents.

Lastly, his Death Totem ability is also something that helps massively. You can place the Death Totem anywhere and activate it. This allows you and your team another life to return back in the fight. The ability is best used when you are all committed to attacking a team. Place a Death Totem in a safe place and then go for the attack. If you get downed, you will be resurrected at the Totem location. While you do come back in the fight, you are left with only 1 HP, which balances this Ultimate Ability.

The Totem can work both as a way to continue your attack or retreat if you want. However, it is best used for ambushes or if you find the last team fighting against you. You can recharge your ability again with the Ultimate Accelerant, and get back another Death Totem. You also need to place the Totem at a place that can be easily shot down by opponents, and make sure you heal up before getting back in the fight after being resurrected.

This concludes our Apex Legends Revenant Guide. Post your comments below.

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  1. Nice Guide, I would say though that the movement speed whilst crouched allows you to go at full walking speed whilst crouched, quite significant as sprinting in a fight slows your shooting anyway.

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