Apex Legends Newcastle Guide – New Legend Abilities, Tips and Combat

Apex Legends Newcastle Guide

It’s that time of the year when Apex Legends gets a new playable character in the game and this time the Legend that is joining the arena is called Newcastle. This Apex Legends Newcastle Guide will show you what this new Legend brings as his abilities and some tips on how you should use them, especially during combat.

The Heroic Defender: Newcastle, comes as a very valuable support Legend that comes with tools that mainly support the team. The Legend’s abilities mainly revolve around creating shields and barriers between yourself or even your teammates. His tactical ability will remind players of Lifeline’s revive shield that blocks incoming bullets, but it works quite differently, where it helps you relocate your downed teammate.

Newcastle has just been added to the game in the latest update. New Legends can sometimes need tweaks and changes after Respawn Entertainment takes feedback from the players. This means that the Legend is susceptible to some minor changes to its ability over time. Nonetheless, this is what we have learned so far by playing as the new Legend.

Apex Legends Newcastle Guide

Before we dive into the combat and general tips when playing as Newcastle, let’s first look at all the abilities that are specific to this new Legend.

Newcastle Abilities

This list contains all the abilities that come with Newcastle.

  • Passive Ability – Retrieve the Wounded: Drag downed allies as you revive and protect them with your Revive Shield
  • Tactical Ability – Mobile Shield: Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield.
  • Ultimate Ability – Castle Wall: Leap to an ally or target area and slam down creating a fortified stronghold.

How the New Abilities Work

Newcastle’s Retrieve the Wounded ability brings a new but similar ability to Lifeline’s when you revive a teammate. The new ability produces a shield as you go for a revive, absorbing incoming bullets. The best part about this ability is that when you are reviving a teammate, you can drag them around, allowing you some mobility and a chance to find a better cover. This is because the shield takes damage, and is dependent on what Knockdown Shield you have picked up.

If you have the gold Knockdown Shield in your inventory, your revive shield will have more hp, allowing more damage absorption.

Moving on to Newcastle’s Mobile Shield produces a convex shield that Newcastle can control, meaning that the drone projecting the shield can be redirected to another location. This ability gives you many possibilities when you need a shield, for example when you need some defense around a vulnerable teammate, or when you want some defense for yourself.

The Mobile Shield consists of two parts, where it has a lower shield that comes waist-high and a larger overhead shield that goes up quite a distance.

The Ultimate Ability called the Castle Wall is yet another barrier-creating ability, but with the advantage of having Newcastle leap to a selected location ahead. You can either have the shield somewhere on the ground, or on a teammate or a target, where engaging this ability will have Newcastle jump at the location, slam the ground, and produce a decently long metal barrier.

Newcastle Abilities Tips

  • The Mobile Shield are two individual shields on top of each other, meaning enemies will have to break both shields to get the most out of hitting you.
  • The Mobile Shield can be quickly produced in front of you, redirecting it mainly in areas ahead of you. Recalling the shield behind you will take time as the drone is slow in movement.
  • The Mobile Shield can be thrown at a target which will deal damage to the opponent.
  • The Castle Wall has a distance reach of 35m on the ground and 75m on a teammate. This means you can more than double your jump distance if you choose to deploy it on the teammate.
  • The Castle Wall has sections that can be vaulted over but will deal damage to opponents, in the same way as Wattson’s shock fences.
  • The Castle Wall will disappear after some time and a single panel of the Castle Wall will take 750 damage to break it
  • Damage taken by your shield when reviving a teammate will carry over to your Knockdown Shield. This is because the ability uses the Knockdown shield you have in your inventory, meaning that when you get downed, your Knockdown Shield will have lesser health if it was damaged

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