Apex Legends Loba Guide – How to Play as Loba, Best Strategies

Apex Legends Loba Guide

This Apex Legends Loba Guide will detail the new Legend in the latest season of the game Season 5 Fortune’s Favor introduces Loba as the new Legend to come into the arena, and she comes equipped with a handful of special and unique abilities in the game yet.

Just like any other Legend in the game, Loba comes with three abilities; Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. Season 5 of Apex has just been announced and is just a few hours away before it launches. This is the best time to get familiar with Loba and how her abilities work.

Loba is the now grown-up version of the child we saw back when Revenant was revealed. If you remember the Revenant story trailer, you could see that the assassin robot slays the parents of a little girl child who we now know is Loba. After the demise of her parents, she survived by pickpocketing. She then breaks into a facility where she stumbles upon the Jump Drive tech by using the teleportation bracelet. This is where she gains the abilities that we know are going to be used in the game.

Apex Legends Loba Guide

Now that we know a little back story of Loba, let’s dive into her abilities and how you should use them in the match.

Loba Abilities

Lets first list all the abilities that Loba has and then we will go through each of them in detail. Loba, the High Society Thief has the following abilities:

Passive Ability – Eye for Quality: Loba can see through any obstacles, walls for any nearby legendary and epic loot. This ability has the same distance radius as the Black Market Boutique.

Tactical Ability – Burglar’s Best Friend: Throw the jump drive bracelet and then teleport to that location.

Ultimate Ability – Black Market Boutique: Place the black market staff that teleports all nearby loot to the device as a boutique where you and your allies can select items. Each teammate or enemy can take up to two items.

Loba Combat Tips

Now that you know all the abilities and how they work, using Loba effectively can allow you to be a really good support and attack Legend at the same time. Loba’s Eye for Quality ability is a passive ability that lets you see all the loot through walls or any such obstacles. This works in a set radius so you can’t see items that are far away in the distance. Either way, This ability will help save a lot of time where you can go straight to the best loot you can spot.

This ability is best put into use when you land near buildings or near several supply bins. When you land in an area with buildings, you can spot track any high tier loot and go for it straight away, effectively saving time.

Her tactical ability which is the Burglar’s Best Friend is where she uses her most prized bracelet that allows Loba to teleport to the location you throw the device at. This by far is the best ability Loba has and is something that players will find very effective in combat. Throw the bracelet on top of the building and you will instantly teleport on the top. Throw the bracelet behind the enemy and you will be in the best position for a flanking opportunity. You can even use the bracelet to create some space between you and the enemies if things get ever so tough.

Finally, Loba’s ultimate ability which is the Black Market Boutique kind of works like Lifeline but only better. When you activate the ultimate, Loba will plant her staff in the ground and open up a small boutique where you can choose all items nearby in a set radius. The device teleports all items nearby, allowing you and your team to choose the best or necessary items they may be needing.

Loba’s Black Market Boutique is best used in locations that you know are not looted, and might contain high tier loot. Using these in locations near buildings or structures that likely contains high tier items will work effectively. Now the thing to worry about this ability is that the boutique can be used by enemies as well. If any enemies that come in contact with the boutique device, they will be able to pick up two items from the device, just like how your teammates can.

In conclusion, Loba’s tactical ability which allows her to teleport is the best feature for flanking or evading enemy attacks. However, it takes a little time for the bracelet to land where you launch it and then a second or two of animation before Loba is teleported. This means that while you can evade enemy attacks, it still takes time for the ability to fully activate. But the best way to use it is to flank the enemy team, which is the safer bet for using this ability to its fullest.

This concludes our Apex Legends Loba Guide. Post your comments below.

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