Apex Legends Crypto Guide – How to Play, Abilities, Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends Crypto Guide

In this Apex Legends Crypto Guide, we will guide you on how you can play the brand new Legend Crypto in Apex Legends. Apex Legends Season 3 has launched and along with a new map, we have a new Legend in the game as well. The new Legend added to the game is Crypto who is essentially a hacker and brings his hacking skills to the battle. His abilities and skills are all focused on using his Surveillance Drone which is a valuable asset to the team he is playing in.

We have curated this Apex Legends Crypto Guide in which we have detailed the new Legend Crypto along with his abilities. We have also shared some tips and tricks which will certainly come in handy while you are playing as Crypto in Apex Legends. With the help of this guide, you will be able to play effectively with Crypto in no time in Apex Legends.

Crypto Guide – Apex Legends

Our Apex Legends Crypto Guide details everything that you need to know about playing with the new legend Crypto in Apex Legends.

Crypto Overview

Starting with the character overview, Crypto falls between the bigger legends such as Gibraltar and Caustic and the smaller legends such as Wraith and Lifeline. This means that there is no buff or debuff for Crypto when it comes to hitbox. Crypto comes with standard health and regular movement speed without any buffs or debuffs. His major role in any battle is support and recon and for that, his Surveillance Drone plays a major role.

However, Crypto being a primary support character does not mean that he lacks offense because his Ultimate ability provides defense offense and defense at the same time. We can say that Crypto is a pretty good overall character which some added bonus when it comes to recon and surveillance. Similar to other legends in the game, Crypto also comes with three abilities which include his Passive, Tactical and Ultimate abilities. We have detailed them below.

Crypto Abilities

Crypto’s drone plays a vital role when it comes to his abilities. It is extremely vital and you can say that Crypto is unable to use any of the abilities if there is no drone involved in the mix making it a very strong as well as a weak point for Crypto as well. With that being said, you enemies can indeed shoot down the drone making Crypto useless in certain situations. Crypto comes with the following abilities in Apex Legends.

Tactical Ability – Surveillance Drone

This is Crypto’s most important ability in the game but it also makes him the most vulnerable. Even starting with the ability, the initial deployment ability is pretty long in the game and will take a lot of time however once the drone is deployed, you can control the drone easily. On the plus side, you can move around while this animation is playing but you cannot shoot so you have to stay close to your squad while deploying your drone.

Controlling the drone may take some time getting used to because it’s a new in-game mechanic but once you are in control, it’s fairly simple. The buttons are the same across all platforms. You can use Crouch to go down, Jump to go up, Forward to go ahead and Backward to go back. Once in control of the drone, it will allow you to mark enemies, chests and locations like you normally do with your character.

The best feature of this drone is that it will automatically highlight any enemy, chest or door that is within 30 meters of its range for you and your teammate. However, you can still ping enemies or chests to your teammates to make sure that they are aware of their locations like you normally do. This is pretty similar to a wallhack but this time this is not illegal to use in the game. In addition, the range is only 30 meter so you have to get drone pretty close to the enemy team to highlight them through walls and doors.

Passive Ability – Neurolink

With Crypto’s passive ability Neurolink, the whole squad stays connected to the visual feed of the drone even when Crypto is not controlling it. You can make the drone stay in its place by switching back to Crypto and not calling the drone back. It does not return to your automatically and it will stay flying on its location even when you switch back to Crypto. This will continue to give you the heads up on enemy movement up ahead and allow your team to advance by devising an appropriate strategy.

Ultimate Ability – Drone EMP

The Surveillance Drone’s Ultimate Ability Drone EMP can be a match-changing one because it releases a very powerful EMP blast in a large radius which not only deals 50 damage to enemy shields but it also slows down players and destroys all traps in its radius as well. It does not deal any flesh damage to enemies, however, when they are slowed down, you can do that yourself. The fact that this ability can instantly take down shields pretty quickly of all enemies in its radius and slow them down while highlighting them at the same time, gives your team a massive advantage especially when the match is about to end.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always adjust your drone control according to your team’s playstyle. You cannot always rely on your drone if your team plays very aggressively and is always on the move. If you continue to use your drone a lot with them, you will eventually fall behind pretty soon and it will do you no good when you are all alone. So you must always limit your drone usage according to your team’s playstyle and if possible, always notify them that you are about to deploy or control the drone so that they watch your back in the meantime.
  • Your drone comes with the ability to open the door and even chests. This gives you a massive advantage in battles because if someone is trying to hide behind a door, you can use your drone and open the door from a safe distance and your teammate can quickly lob in a grenade or land a sniper headshot. You should try to use this ability to your advantage as much as you can during battles and you will be surprised how this little ability can help you in various scenarios.
  • Always recall your drone back if it’s not needed. You can switch back and forth between Crypto and the drone according to the match needs but there are no enemies around you and the coast is clear, don’t leave the drone flying. Always call it back or you will move too far away from it eventually. It stays floating where you leave it if you don’t call it back.
  • If you take your drone and take it to the large player banners which Crypto has been hacking around in King’s Canyon initially, you can see how many enemy squads are near your location. This gives you a massive advantage in your battle and will allow you to quickly change your tactics. You can simply leave your drone at these banners and keep checking it back and forth to see if any more enemy squads are near your location or not.
  • Your drone is not invincible. It can be shot down by your enemies and once destroyed, you will have to wait for 40 seconds before you can deploy it again. Always make sure that you don’t take it too close to your enemies because apart from emitting light, the drone also makes a really loud noise which can be identified easily by your enemies and they can shoot down the drone. Park it at strategic locations so that it can show you the enemy locations from a safe location.
  • Apart from getting shot down, if you drive your drone too far from your body, you will lose contact with it and you will not be able to control it anymore. To get back in control with your drone, all you need to do is move ahead in the direction of the drone to get it back in the range and you will be able to control it again easily. You can also call it back but this will give you a cooldown time which is something you can easily avoid by just moving towards the drone and getting it back in range.

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This concludes our Apex Legends Crypto Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve also Found that leaving the drone watching a door you know enemies will come out of to be very useful as the wall hack also helps you aim, the drone can also pickup banners and help you revive teammates by having it watch where enemies might come through

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