Apex Legends Battle Pass Level Up Guide – How to Level Up Fast

Apex Legends Battle Pass Level Up Guide

In this Apex Legends Battle Pass Level Up Guide, we will show you how you can level up faster in the first season of the battle pass in Apex Legends. Although the battle pass was released back in March, many of you might still be struggling to get to the end of the tiers before Season 1 ends.

The end date of Season 1 is going to be sometime in the first week of June, which leaves you less than a month to complete the battle pass tiers and get all the rewards tied to each tier.

To get through each tier, you need to get XP. While you are rewarded XP various ways through playing the game, you can also increase the number of XP gained with each match if you are aware of what activity gives you the most XP. In our guide, we have detailed all the ways you can get more XP in every match, and thus progress through the tiers faster.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Level Up Guide

Below we have detailed all the ways you can get XP fast in every match of Apex Legends. We will first break down how Apex Legends rewards you with XP points after the conclusion of a match, and the number of XP points each task rewards you with.

XP Stats Per Match

Lets first look at how Apex Legends rewards with XP in a single match of the game. there are many ways XP is rewarded in the game play, but nothing comes greater than the time that you survive for. The more minutes you survive, the more XP is given to you.

XP Reward Numbers

  • Playing With Friends: you get 5% XP bonus to Time Survived when playing with friends.
  • Damage Done: XP awarded equivalent to the number of Damage Done divided by 4.
  • Kills: 50 XP per kill
  • Kill Leader: 50 XP bonus
  • Killed Champion: 500 XP bonus
  • Revive Ally: 25 XP per revival
  • Respawn Ally: 25 XP per ally respawned
  • Time Survived: 180 XP per minute survived
  • Finish in Top 3: 300 XP bonus
  • Match Victory: 500 XP bonus

Bonus XP Per Day

  • First Kill of the Day: 500 XP Bonus
  • First kill of the day on each legend: 500 XP

Bonus XP Per Week

  • 25k bonus survival time per legend per week: 225,000 XP (all Legends)

Earn the Most XP

Now that you know how the rewarding system works with XP in Apex Legends, you might have guessed that survival gives you the most amount of XP in a match. It is followed by winning the match and killing the Champion.

With that in mind, your first priority is survival. When you are looking to maximize your XP in a match, make sure you land in places that are not filled with overwhelming amounts of enemies. With the bonus survival XP, you get 21,600 XP per hour on survival time alone. XP gained from surviving continues even if you are dead, as long as someone on the team is alive.

Not only does Time Survived gives you more XP, but reaching to the Top 3 squads alive gives you a guaranteed 300 XP bonus at the end of the match. However, 25k bonus survival xp on each legend is crucial to leveling up in your battle pass.

The second thing to keep in mind is that its best to play with friends who you can coordinate better with the arena. Playing with random can throw you off and most likely result in early squad elimination, which is something you do not want. Best way to get the most consistent XP is weekly legend survival XP and playing with friends.

Next up, and if you are confident enough to hunt down the champion, go look for them as eliminating them can earn you 500 XP on the spot. There are champions announced at the beginning of every round. If you are lucky enough to spot the champion and kill them, that will give you a sweet XP bonus.

Reviving and spawning allies should also be your priority, not only because it awards you with XP, but you need your squad for a fair fight against the enemy. As you may have already known, if your enemy is dead, you can still respawn them by picking up their beacon before the time limit ends.

Kills do not give you as much XP as you may expect, still, you can rack up 250 XP with 5 kills, or 500 XP with 10 kills. But this might be asking too much if you are not a pro.

With these tips, you can earn a good amount of 4000 + XP, or better yet you can score almost 6000 XP per match won if you add a couple of kills in the match.

Respawn has stated that it will take approximately 100 hours if you use the bonuses and get a few kills here and there. This means if you play 1 hour of in-game per day, you could complete the battle pass. Unfortunately, time is short and you might have to grind daily if you want to complete each tier of your battle pass. So you should be competitive and play the game for more than a couple of hours.

This concludes our Apex Legends Battle Pass Level Up Guide. Feel free to comments below.

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