Apex Legends Ash Guide – Legend Abilities, How to Play as Ash, Combat Tips

Apex Legends Ash Guide

Apex Legends is back with a new season that brings another new Legend in the game, and this time it is Ash. This Apex Legends Ash Guide will detail the new legend with her abilities and list some combat tips using Ash’s abilities that can help you in the game.

A new legend is always something players are looking for, not only to keep the game fresh but also because of the unique abilities every new Legend brings into the game. Ash is no different as she comes with her three different signature abilities that are very unique and fun to use as of right now.

Ash may seem OP, but it is a pretty balanced character, thanks to the developers not wanting to repeat what happened with the early version of Seer. Having said that, it is still pretty early in the season and Respawn Entertainment might tweak this legend as we progress into the season.

Apex Legends Ash Guide

Below we have detailed Ash, the new legend in the game while listing some combat tips. But first, let’s take a look at each of the abilities and what their effects are.

Ash Abilities

This list contains all the abilities that come with Ash.

  • Passive Ability – Marked For Death: As’s map shows the location of recent deathboxes and marks surviving attackers.
  • Tactical Ability – Arc Snare: Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy who gets too close.
  • Ultimate Ability – Phase Breach: Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location.

Ash Combat Tips

Ash is a pretty good Legend that you can pick and play as, but nothing that forces you to drop your main. Her abilities are pretty strong but if paired with good movement skills, flanks and rotates will are going to lead to the most rewarding plays you can make against opponent teams.

Ash’s passive ability which is called Marked for Death is what will give confidence to players to look out for potential attackers, or better, third-party other teams. Marked for Death allows you to open up the map and look for recent death boxes, effectively revealing where the action is going on within the last 30 seconds. However, this is not all that the ability has to offer. If you walk up to a death box, you can ping the still-alive members of the squad. This ping will only highlight their current position once and does not track the individual opponents of that team.

Moving on to the Arc Snare tactical ability, this is where you can throw a spinning snare that when attached to an opponent will hold them down to the ground for 3-5 seconds, but does not render them immobile. Opponents that are directly hit by this snare will initially take 20 damage and will be slowed down until the snare dies off. This may seem like a strong ability to use, but it is pretty quick to fizzle out and works best when you work as a team as you go for the attack or ambush.

Moving on to Ash’s ultimate, which is the Phase Breach. Players will instantly recognize this ability and compare it to the one Wraith has, and while it is technically true as it uses the same portal mechanism, it functions in a slightly different manner.

The Phase Breach allows Ash to flick her sword and tear open a portal which allows her to teleport to a location straight ahead. This location can be chosen prior to activating the ability, but can only be chosen on the ground. This ability works best when you use it wisely. Phase Breach can be used midair if you are quick enough to choose a location nearby, allowing you to quickly lose a chasing enemy that is following you.

When you open up a portal, other players can also travel through it, as long as it stays active (which is not that long). This also includes opponents who can quickly enter your portal and follow you all the way to your end location. A tip to work around this is to immediately take a couple or more steps backward without turning around after you exit the portal, and let the enemy come out of the portal. This puts you in the perfect position to spray the enemy, while they will first have to look around and find you, giving you a precious second to laser them down.

This concludes our Apex Legends Ash Guide. Post your comments below.

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