Apex Legends Arenas Mode Guide – Tips and Tricks to Win

Apex Legends Arenas Mode Guide

Apex Legends Season 9 is now live in the game and it brings with it a brand new 3v3 Arenas mode for you to play. This new PvP Arenas mode shrinks down the levels and introduces multiple maps where two teams duke it out against a new set of rules and restrictions. The new mode is exceptionally fun and brings a whole new way of playing Apex Legends and combining the Legends together in order to win the mode as a team. We have curated this Apex Legends Arenas Mode Guide in which we have some tips and tricks that will help you win in the new Apex Legends Arenas mode easily.

Arenas Mode Guide – Apex Legends

Our Apex Legends Arenas Mode Guide details everything that you need to know in order to win in the new Arenas mode in Apex Legends.

Understanding the Arenas Mode

Unlike the full-fletch battle royale mode, the Arenas mode offers smaller maps and just 2 teams who compete over three rounds. The biggest difference here is that none of the players gets to keep their weapons after each round and must purchase them again for the new round using credits. At this moment, there are five maps in the Arenas mode however we can expect maps to go in and out of rotation regularly.

Each game in the Arenas mode lasts for around 15 minutes on average if both of the squads are evenly matched. At the start of the match, each player has a P2020 and a Mozambique shotgun however as they earn more materials, they can upgrade to better weapons for the round. This is similar to Valorant or CS:GO however unlike them, the weapons are lost and must be purchased again when a new round begins. Materials are earned as the rounds progress. There are a total of nine rounds and the minimum can be three rounds. Wining conditions require one team to lead by at least 2 points.

All of the items in the mode including weapons, consumables, and abilities cost materials and for some of the more powerful weapons and abilities, you must wait for a few rounds until you can earn enough of the resources to afford them. The Ultimate abilities have been removed by default of each Legend and you must spend some materials to purchase them and use them in the game. This ensures a balance in the early stages of the game and some of the powerful Ultimates are costlier as well.

Another important thing to note here is that the ring still shrinks the arena down so the threat of the ring is not gone even in the Arenas mode so you must be on the move always. Each round also brings down a care package with three upgraded weapons so keep a lookout for it as well however you can expect heavy resistance at these points as both teams will be gunning for it. For winning in the Arenas mode, we have some tips and tricks for you that we have detailed below:

Tips and Tricks for Arenas Mode in Apex Legends

The following tips and tricks will help you get better in the new Arenas mode.

Manage Your Resources with Your Team

The materials that you earn during a round are shared by all of the team, so it is important that you play like a team member and leave enough for your teammates as well. Formulate a strategy with your teammates if you can and see if everyone can plan their purchases around that strategy. It is mostly wise to leave high-powered weapons and abilities for later stages as this might leave someone empty during the earlier levels of the game if you are not considerate. Help out newer players to ensure that everyone is using the pool wisely.

Stick to Long-Range Weapons

The maps in the Arenas mode might be small but they are still big enough that a good long-range weapon will come in handy. You should try to get your hands on a long-range weapon as soon as you can because staying at a safe distance and shooting your enemies is always a good strategy unless you excel at playing like a Kamikaze and love rushing into your enemy’s face with a shotgun. Finding a good vantage point with a long-range weapon always ensures that you can easily trickle down your enemy’s health before they come close to you.

Apex Legends Arenas Mode Guide

Loot Dead Enemies

You must always loot the dead enemies for their weapons. There is a chance that they might have a weapon that you might want to use for your secondary slot. After killing enemies, if the coast is clear, always loot their bodies and add another powerful weapon to your inventory without spending a dime. Make sure that the area is clear because sometimes your enemies might bait you with dead bodies as well.

Avoid Spending Resources on a Secondary Weapon

You must always focus on having one powerful weapon alongside the starting weapon of your choice. Stick with the P2020 or Mozambique as your secondary weapon until you can nab another weapon of your dead enemies. Do not waste your materials on two powerful weapons and instead buy a primary weapon that you are really good at and keep upgrading it and buying shields as they are extremely handy in the Arenas mode.

Purchase Legend Ultimate

The Arenas mode has the Legends’ Ultimate Skills removed by default and to use them, you must first purchase them by spending resources. The price of more powerful Ultimate Abilities is also much higher in the Arenas mode so you have to save some resources for the Ultimate skills as well especially for the later games. These Ultimates can be game-changers at the right time so make sure that you are always investing in them.

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If you have some tips and tricks on how we can get better in Apex Legends Arenas mode, feel free to shoot them in the comments section below.

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