Anno 1800 Becomes the Fastest Selling Game in the Series

Anno 1800 Game

Ubisoft has announced that Anno1800 has become the fastest selling game in the series. The game sold four times the number of copies in its first week than its predecessor, Anno 2205.

While the game is only available on Epic Game Store and Ubisoft’s Uplay, pre-orders for the game on Steam remained life until launch. According to Steam Charts, the concurrent player count of Anno 1800 peaked 25,214 on launch day. The previous title, Anno 2205 reached 7,401 peaks concurrent son day one.

Having said that, Ubisoft has not given any data on how many people are playing through Epic’s launcher or Uplay, however, it is safe to say that a significant number of those early sales came through Steam.

Ubisoft has given some information saying that Players have reached almost 7 billion citizens across their islands, more than three times the global population back in 1899. Additionally, players have built over 10 million ships, built over 1 billion gran fields, and over 3 million islands have been settled on.

Managing Director at Ubisoft Blue Byte Benedikt Grindel said in a statement,

Anno 1800 has been an incredible journey for all the people working at Ubisoft Blue Byte and we are so happy to see that players really enjoy playing our game. Since the announcement of the game, the community of Anno 1800 has provided us with countless useful feedbacks through our community platform Anno Union and helped us releasing an excellent game. We really feel privileged to have one of the most committed communities of the video game industry. After this amazing and successful launch, we now completely focus on delivering the best post-launch content possible for Anno 1800 and can’t wait to show you more!

If you are just getting started with Anno 1800, you check out our Anno 1800 Beginner’s Guide & Anno 1800 Buildings Guide. These guides will set you up on the right track right from the start.

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