Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes Guide – All Recipes, How to Find

Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes Guide

In this Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes Guide, we will guide you on all of the DIY recipes that you can find in Animal Crossing. To expand your island and make it better, you will be required to craft many items and you can only craft these items if you have their recipes. You can find these DIY recipes from message bottles, main story progression, different villages on your island and also from the Resident Services which cost Nook Miles. You will find them randomly so once you find them, you will need the right amount of resources to build them.

DIY Recipes Guide – Animal Crossing New Horizons

We have detailed the known DYI recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons below in this Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes Guide. We will continue to add more recipes to this guide as they are discovered.

Recipe Name Resources Needed
Acoustic Guitar 8x Softwood, 3X Iron Nugget
Angled Signpost 2x Hardwood, 3x Softwood,
Axe 1x Flimsy Axe, 3x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget
Bamboo Basket 7 x Bamboo Piece
Bamboo Doll 6x Young Spring Bamboo
Bamboo Lunch Box 4x Bamboo Piece
Bamboo Noodle Slide 7x Young Spring Bamboo, 3x Wood
Bamboo Sphere 3x Bamboo Piece
Bamboo Wand 6x Young Spring Bamboo, 3x Star Fragment
Bamboo-grove Wall 7x Young Spring Bamboo, 3x Bamboo Shoot
Bamboo-shoot Lamp 4x Young Spring Bamboo, 5x Bamboo Shoot, 4x Clay
Barbell 10x Iron Nugget
Barrel 5x Wood, 2x Iron Nugget
Basket Pack 6x Young Spring Bamboo
Birdbath 6x Stone
Birdcage 8x Wood
Birdhouse 2x Wood, 5x Softwood,
Bonfire 1x Campfire, 10x Wood
Brick Oven 6x Clay, 2x Iron Nugget, 6x Wood
Brick Well 8x Clay, 5x Wood, 1x Flimsy Shovel
Campfire 3x Tree Branch
Cardboard Table 4x Cardboard Box
Cherry Dress 8x Cherry
Cherry Lamp 10x Cherry, 2x Clay,
Cherry Speakers 10x Cherry, 2x Iron Nugget,
Chic Tulip Crown 2x Purple Tulips, 2x Pink Tulips, 1x Orange Tulip
Clackercart 2x Hardwood, 6x Hardwood,
Classic Pitcher 4x Clay
Coconut Juice 1x Coconut
Cosmos Shower 5x Pink Cosmos, 3x Iron Nugget,
Crest Doorplate 4x Iron Nugget
Cute Lily Crown 2x Pink Lillies, 2x Orange Lillies, 2x White Lillies
Destinations Signpost 4x Hardwood, 8x Softwood,
Drinking Fountain 8x Stone, 2x Iron Nugget
Firewood 8x Wood
Fish Bait 1x Manila Clam
Fishing Rod 1x Flimsy Fishing Rod, 1x Iron Nugget
Flimsy Axe 5x Tree Branch, 1x Stone
Flimsy Fishing Rod 5x Tree Branch
Flimsy Net 5x Tree Branch
Flimsy Shovel 5x Hardwood
Flimsy Watering Can 5x Softwood
Fountain 1x Drinking Fountain, 20x Stone, 8x Iron Nugget
Frozen Sculpture 1x Large Snowflake, 4x Snowflake,
Frying Pan 2x Iron Nugget
Garbage-Heap Flooring 2x Empty Can, 2x Boot, 2x Old Tire
Garbage-Heap Wall 2x Empty Can, 2x Boot, 2x Old Tire
Grass Standee 2x Wood, 2x Softwood
Green-leaf Pile 1x Young Spring Bamboo, 10x Clump of Weeds
Hay Bed 20x Clump of Weeds
Hearth 2x Bamboo Piece, 5x Iron Nugget, 4x Clay, 5x Hardwood
Hedge Standee 2x Wood, 3x Softwood
Honeycomb Flooring 5x Wasp Nest
Iceberg Flooring 10x Snowflake
Iron Garden Bench 8x Iron Nugget
Iron Wall Lamp 4x Iron Nugget, 2x Clay,
Ironwood Kitchenette 4x Wood, 3x Iron Nugget, 1x Ironwood Dresser, 1x Cutting Board
Ironwood Table 12x Wood, 6x Iron Nugget
Key Holder 3x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget,
Ladder 4x Wood, 4x Hardwood, 4x Softwood
Lattice Fence 8x Softwood
Leaf Umbrella 15x Clump of Weeds
Light Bamboo Rug 6x Young Spring Bamboo
Log Bed 30x Hardwood
Log Bench 5x Hardwood
Log Dining Table 15x Hardwood
Log Doorplate 2x Wood, 1x Pink Roses
Log Sofa 8x Hardwood
Log Stakes 3x Wood
Log Stool 4x Hardwood
Manga-library Wall 10 x Magazine
Medicine 1x Wasp Nest, 3x Clump of Weeds
Mini DIY Workbench 3x Wood, 3x Hardwood, 3x Softwood
Music Stand 8x Hardwood
Natural Garden Chair 6x Hardwood, 2x Iron Nugget
Natural Garden Table 9x Hardwood, 3x Iron Nugget
Net 1x Flimsy Net, 1x Iron Nugget
Ocarina 5x Clay
Orange Hat 5x Orange
Outdoor Bath 20x Stone, 1x Shovel,
Pan Flute 7x Young Spring
Pansy Table 5x Yellow Pansies, 3x Hardwood
Peach Hat 5x Peach
Pear Bed 10x Pear
Pear Hat 5x Pear
Plain Sink 6x Wood, 4x Clay, 1x Iron Nugget
Pot 5x Clay
Potted Ivy 5x Clump of Weeds, 5x Clay
Raccoon Figure 6x Clay
Recycled Boots 2x Boot
Recycled-can Thumb Piano 1x Empty Can, 1x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget
Ringtoss 2x Wood, 2x Softwood
Rocking Chair 3x Wood, 5x Softwood
Rustic-stone Wall 5x Stone, 5x Clay
Sauna Heater 6x Stone, 3x Iron Nugget, 3x Wood
Shell Fountain 5x Giant Clam, 3x Stone
Shell Rug 3x Giant Clam
Shell Table 7x Sand Dollar, 3x Clay
Shell Wreath 1x Summer Shell, 1x Sea Snail, 1x Sand Dollar, 1x Coral
Shovel 1x Flimsy Shovel, 1x Iron Nugget
Simple DIY Workbench 5x Hardwood, 1x Iron Nugget
Simple Well 15x Stone, 1x Flimsy Shovel
Ski-Slope Wall 8x Snowflake
Slingshot 5x Hardwood
Stacked Magazines 6x Magazine
Star Wand 1x Large Star Fragment, 3x Star Fragment
Steamer-basket Set 6x Young Spring Bamboo
Stone Arch 90x Stone
Stone Axe 1x Flimsy Axe, 3x Wood,
Stone Fence 4x Stone
Stone Stool 3x Stone
Stone Tablet 12x Stone
Succulent Plant 10x Clump of Weeds, 1x Empty Can,
Swinging Bench 5x Wood, 7x Softwood
Tea Table 12x Hardwood
Tiki Torch 5x Tree Branch, 5x Wood
Tire Stack 3x Old Tire
Tire Toy 1x Old Tire
Traditional Straw Coat 8x Clump of Weeds
Trash Bags 1x Empty Can, 1x Boot, 1x Old Tire
Tree’s Bounty Little Tree 6x Pinecone, 4x Acorn, 1x Hardwood
Tropical Vista 5x Summer Shell
Tulip Crown 2x Red Tulips, 2x Yellow Tulips, 1x White Tulip
Vaulting Pole 5x Softwood
Vertical-board fence 8x Wood
Watering Can 1x Flimsy Watering Can, 1x Iron Nugget
Wave Breaker 10x Stone, 10x Clay
Windflower Wreath 3x Red Windflowers, 3x White Windflowers, 3x Orange Windflowers
Wooden Block Stool 1x Wooden-block Toy, 2x Softwood
Wooden Bucket 3x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget
Wooden Chair 6x Wood
Wooden Fish 3x Wood
Wooden Full-Length Mirror 5x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget,
Wooden Low Table 10x Wood
Wooden Mini Table 6x Wood
Wooden Simple Bed 18x Wood
Wooden Table Mirror 3x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget
Wooden Wardrobe 12x Wood
Wooden Washtub 3x Softwood
Wooden-block Bed 1x Wooden-block Toy, 17x Softwood
Wooden-block Bookshelf 1x Wooden-block Toy, 3x Softwood
Wooden-block Chair 1x Wooden-block Toy, 3x Softwood
Wooden-block Stereo 1x Wooden-block Toy, 5x Softwood, 2x Iron Nugget
Wooden-block Table 1x Wooden-block Toy, 8x Softwood
Wooden-block Toy 3x Softwood
Wooden-knot Wall 15x Hardwood
Woodland Wall 15x Clump of Weeds, 9x Softwood

These are all the DIY recipes we know so far in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Make sure to check out more Animal Crossing New Horizons guides below in the meantime.

This concludes our Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. I have a Shell Speaker: 3 conch shells, 2 iron nuggets, and a Bamboo Stopblock: 3 bamboo pieces that I don’t believe have been listed.

    1. DIY recipes are given to you randomly. There is no specific place to find a particular one. The different ways by which you can acquire them are detailed in the first para of the guide.

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