Among Us Airship Tasks Guide – How to Complete All Tasks

Among Us Airship Tasks Guide

In this Among Us Airship Map Tasks Guide, we will guide you on how you can complete all of the tasks in the Airship map of Among Us. Airship is the new map introduced in Among Us and it has its own unique layout and format.

Similar to other maps of the game, Airship is full of both visual and common tasks as well that you can perform in order to prove your innocence or simply hide as the sneaky imposter. This guide will help you understand all of the tasks in the Airship map of the game.

Airship Tasks Guide – Among Us

Our Among Us Airship Tasks Guide details everything that you need to know about completing all of the tasks on the Airship map in Among Us.

All New Tasks

The new Airship map comes with a few new tasks to mix things up and make them more interesting for players and the imposters.

Reset Breakers

This task is found in Electrical which contains seven breakers that you have to pull in ascending order. Starting from number 1 all the way to the last numbered 7.

Garbage Disposal

Pretty much like the old tasks, but it comes with a different type of animation where you have to pull the plastic garbage bag from the bin to discard it.

Rewind Tapes

All you have to do is rewind the tape back to the time that is labeled on the cassette. You need to set it to exactly the same.

Put Away Weapons

There will be new tasks in the Armory, which is pretty simple and requires you to hang up the rifles and pistols on the shelf.

Start Fans

This task requires you to memorize the code from the panel in Ventilation, which will be the shape of some jewels. Now head to the second panel here and input the code exactly the same as you saw in the first panel.

Unlock Safe

A pretty simple task where you have to rotate the dial in the direction and stop at the number. This will reveal the second code with another direction and number you have to stop at. Do this for all three digits to unlock the safe.

Polish Ruby

Polish the red ruby by removing the smudges on top of it. The ruby has to be completely clean to finish this task.

Dress Mannequin

Dress the mannequin on the left with the correct item shown on the image on the top.

Make a Burger

The recipe calls for you to craft the burger with the correct ingredients. Stack the burger from the bottom bun, meat patties, required veggies, and the top bun to complete this task.

Unclog Toilet

Players will have to use the plunger by pushing in and out until the toilet flushes and completes the task. You have to repeatedly move the plunger to not lose the pressure that is built up.


Step in the shower in the main hall to clean yourself until you reach 0% dirtiness.

Developing Photos

Enter the dark room in the main hall and then drag the undeveloped photos on the water container. The task will be complete after a minute, so you can do other tasks to cut the time.

All Returning Tasks

The Airship map also brings in returning tasks from the older maps in the game, tasks that players will be quite familiar with.

Distributor Calibration

One of the returning tasks in this new map where you have to press the button at the right time when the pointer rotates itself. Do this for all three spinning rings.

Repair Wires

You will find four disconnected wires with different colors. Match the colors and join the wires to fix them

Enter ID Code

All you have to do is pull out your id and input the number on the screen.

Data Transfer

Another one of the returning basic tasks, where you have to download and upload the data from one location to the other.

Refuel Engines

Keep holding to the button until the tank is full to complete this task.

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This concludes our Among Us Airship Tasks Guide. Post your comments below.

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