AMD Showcases MxGPU Technology, Connects 16 Virtual Users to a Single GPU

MxGPU Technology

AMD has showcased its brand new concept of hardware virtualized graphics solution. According to AMD, the MxGPU technology can connect upto 16 virtual users with a single graphics card that powers MxGPU. This type of work nature is most required in work stations, graphics designing and in data centers.

AMD says MxGPU technology is the purest form of GPU virtualization. AMD claims that no matter the workload on a GPU, the MxGPU technology based card will do the heavy lifting while providing nominal performance to all 16 users. Here is the trailer showcasing world’s first hardware virtualized graphics solution.

MxGPU Technology
Image Source: AMD

Performance Concept

AMD explains further the concept of its virtualized connection of 16 users with a single GPU in image above. The technology will link professional workstation graphics available from cloud to virtually any device, anywhere around the globe. MxGPU will also bring the performance and features of workstation graphics to smaller devices, such as tablets and notebooks.

Data Security

AMD also places security as a top priority. The MxGPU technology equips innovative style of data security. It restricts access to video memory at hardware level, allowing isolation from other virtual members. This avoids access the breach of data from one user to other.

AMD highlights that graphics card with two GPUs, such as RADEON PRO V340 will support up to 32 virtual members. Regarding cost saving, AMD says there will be no hardware licensing fee.

MxGPU Technology

AMD is targeting small home users video game industry level graphics cards, as well as the industrial level workstation graphics cards The MxGPU technology surely looks promising, moreover cost effective on individual as well as organisation level. AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper technology are another example of performance with price ratio.

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