AMD To Release New Graphics Cards Lineup in 2018


Nvidia has been one step ahead of graphics card competition since long. With GeForce RTX 2080, 2080 Ti and 2070 releasing in September, AMD needs to make a move. AMD has been leaving hints here and there about its upcoming graphics card lineup. President and CEO Dr. Su along with a recent press release are pointers that AMD is up to something.

In an interview, AMD CEO confirmed that AMD is looking forward for 7nm graphics card in this year and it will be world’s first. In press release he further said:

AMD’s next major milestone is the introduction of our upcoming 7nm product portfolio, including the initial products with our second generation “Zen 2” CPU core and our new “Navi” GPU architecture. We have already taped out multiple 7nm products at TSMC, including our first 7nm GPU planned to launch later this year and our first 7nm server CPU that we plan to launch in 2019

AMD has not disclosed further information on plans, schedules or even the graphics card itself. However, we expect the upcoming 7nm chipset will compete toe to toe with the GeForce RTX series.

Nvidia is focusing more and more on realistic shadows, reflections, higher resolutions and upscaling of textures. The previous pascal based graphics card gave most of the options Nvidia dreamt for. Still, Nvidia needed to revamp a new architecture to introduce features that GTX series missed.

By now, every one must be aware of RTX series Turing architecture that powers the Ray-Tracing feature. The Ray-Tracing is exclusive feature, only RTX series graphics card harnesses this power.

At Gamescom, we saw few AAA games that featured Ray-Tracing, Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider were my personal favorite who stole the show.

We expect the same from AMD to showcase an exclusive feature for there next graphics card lineup. AMD graphics card have always been good at performance to price ratio. While, Nvidia’s RTX series is price fairly good, we expect to launch there side of graphics card in consumer level competition.

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