AirTag iPhone Pairing Guide – How to Pair AirTag with iPhone

AirTag iPhone Pairing Guide

Apple finally unveiled the AirTags in its Spring-Loaded Event which took place last week. AirTags can be used to track your personal belongings using the Find My app on the iPhone. Below we have explained in detail what AirTags are, how they work, and how to pair AirTag with your iPhone in this AirTag iPhone Pairing Guide.

What are AirTags

AirTags can clip onto a suitcase, keychain, backpack, or any personal item. Then, if that item ever gets lost or stolen, its location can be detected with Apple’s Find My app.

The Find My app hunts down the errant AirTags with a feature Apple calls Precision Finding. To prevent your AirTagged items from being swiped by nefarious Find My Users, Apple says it is including additional security measures in the AirTags which will be revealed at a later date.

You can strap the AirTag to all most any time. Whether it is your keys, your backpack, your bicycle, and even your eyewear. With the AirTag, you will always know where your specific belonging is and where to find it.

How AirTags Work

AirTags work by using geolocation, input from the camera, audible signals, and haptic feedback. The most interesting technological mechanism in the AirTags is the ultra-wideband signal tech used to pinpoint location. It’s a technology that allows fast wireless data transfer and location tracking down to a matter of centimeters.

How to Pair AirTags with iPhone

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to pair your AirTags with your iPhone.

  • First, remove the plastic tag from the AirTag in order to activate it. Removing the plastic tag from it will turn on your AirTag and it will be ready to pair and use.
  • Next, go to your iPhone and open the Find My app. If you have not set it up before, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up before proceeding.
  • When the Find My app is open and the AirTag has been activated, place the AirTag close to your iPhone while the Find My app is open.
  • The AirTag will automatically appear on your iPhone and then tap to continue.
  • Once the AirTag has been detected, you can rename the AirTag to help you track the item you will use the tag for.
  • Once you do that, register the AirTag to your Apple ID. You can pair up to 16 AirTags on a single Apple ID.
  • The AirTag is now paired with your iPhone and ready to use. You should see the accessory under the Items tab in the Find My app.
  • Attach the AirTag to your belonging that you want to keep track of and you are all done. You can start tracking in the Items tab in Find My app.

This is all you need to do pair your AirTags with your iPhone. If you want to add anything to this AirTag iPhone Pairing Guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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