Adverty and InMobi Launch InGame Ads for Global Brands and Agencies

Adverty New CEO

Adverty AB and InMobi have announced a new partnership and have launched in-game ads on InMobi Exchange. The new partnership will help international brands and agencies to reach premium mobile users with ads that blend into the game environment pretty well. These include the extremely popular casual and hypercasual gaming space along with electronic advertising boards in an eSports arena.

To commemorate the partnership, Tobias Knutsson, CEO, Adverty said:

This news is further proof that the most exciting, largely untapped media frontier is very much open for business. What’s more, both branding and performance advertising options are available, meaning that advertisers can unlock previously unreachable audiences at scale and turbocharge their marketing efforts in ways never before thought possible. With this partnership, the door is wide open for further innovation.

Kunal Nagpal, SVP and GM, Publisher Platforms and Exchange at InMobi also added:

In-game advertising is one of these new frontiers that allow advertisers to interact with their consumers in a highly intuitive way. InMobi’s technology and unmatched mobile in-app expertise allows global advertisers to access the highly engaged and diverse mobile gaming audience in a medium that is becoming increasingly relevant.

Adverty is not a new player when it comes to in-game advertisements. In the previous months, the company has been expanding its portfolio of partnerships with various notable companies from around the world. Some of these companies include Oracle Moat, Lucky Kat Studios, Gold Town Games, and Verizon. Their partnership with InMobi for in-game ads was originally announced back in December 2020.

Adverty also managed to secure its first and second US Patent for In-Game Ad Viewability Technology and earlier this year, the company released its in-game ad SDK on Unity Asset Store to help out developers who want to use their in-game ad platform in their video games during development. Adverty also recently received the TAG brand Safety Seal after ABD Audit Validation.

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