How to Beat The Abundant Ebon Deer Boss in Honkai Star Rail

How to Beat The Abundant Ebon Deer Boss in Honkai Star Rail

The Abundant Ebon Deer in Honkai Star Rail is a boss that you have to beat to get the “Slayer of a Very Deer Friend” achievement in the game. The boss is a huge deer that can not only summon smaller enemies to fight alongside it but help it heal and add more buffs to it. This guide will show you how to beat the Abundant Ebon Deer in Honkai Star Rail and what are the best characters to fight against the boss.

How to Beat The Abundant Ebon Deer Boss in Honkai Star Rail

The Abundant Ebon Deer is an elite boss that will call in ads to fight against you in the who battle. Fortunately, the smaller enemies are weak to Quantum elements, meaning that you can rely on this type of attack to clear them out. Another way to prepare yourself before the fight is to make sure that you have a team that can effectively beat the boss. The Deer is also immune to Wind Element, making it useless in this boss fight.

The best characters that should be in your team for this fight are:

  • Himeko
  • Bailu
  • Qingque
  • Seele

Both Qingque and Seele come with Quantum Elements, one of the boss’ weaknesses. Qingque can begin attacking with high-damage AoE attacks on enemies, while Seele can focus on damaging the Abundant Ebon Deer.

If you don’t have the characters, you will other ways you can prolong the fight and ensure your survival. This can be done by bringing a character who is a healer or providing a shield. In this regard, you can bring along Bailu as she is the best healer currently in the game.

Boss Fight

The fight progresses in two phases, where the Abundant Deer Boss summons smaller enemies to aid in the battle. The difference in both phases is that in the first phase, the smaller enemies will apply various buffs to the boss, while in the second stage, the enemies will use high-damage AoE attacks.

To make things more manageable, your priority should be to take out the smaller enemies before you can completely focus on the boss. This is because the smaller enemies deal more damage to your party than the boss. You can do this by first using Quantum elements to break the enemy shields and then taking them out completely.

Once you have defeated the Abundant Deer Boss, you will get 10 Stellar Jade and unlock the “Slayer of a Very Deer Friend” achievement.

That’s how you can beat this boss in Honkai Star Rail. Post your comments below.

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