9 Important Details in the First GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6 Trailer Details

Rockstar Games has officially released the very first trailer for GTA 6 and while it does not tell us much in terms of details, it still hides a lot of the keen eyes to spot them. Including our first look at both protagonists of GTA 6 Lucia and Jason, we have a lot to check in the new GTA 6 trailer so check out some of the most important details that the new GTA 6 Trailer has, and you might have missed them.

NPC Diversity

The most striking feature of the new GTA 6 trailer that hits you right at the start is how much work Rockstar has done on its NPCs regarding design and variety. The South Beach scene in the trailer gives us an astounding level of detail of different NPC detail including different races, different body types, different animations, newer models, and everything else. Seeing as how this is set in a modern age, we can see how much people are glued to their mobile phones and social media as they are recording videos, taking pictures, and sharing them online. The beach also looks a lot more populated with NPCs this time around which means that the game’s world will be brimming with NPCs and activity.

Car Customization

During a certain sequence, we can see a lowrider meetup which shows some really cool vehicles parked outside the parking area and one particular interesting one driving into it. These vehicles have custom paint jobs, massive rims, lowered suspensions, and a lot more modifications done to them. Rockstar Games has added a large variety of vehicle modifications to GTA Online in some recent updates, but they are missing from the base game. We might be seeing this massive level of customization in the base game of GTA 6 as well judging from the scene.

GTA 6 Trailer Details

Social Media Presence

Throughout the trailer, you will notice a lot of segments appear to be featuring some sort of in-game streaming platform or a Tik-Tok-like platform where people are sharing updates and videos of everything that is happening around Vice City. We are not sure if this is only for the trailer or will social media play a key role in GTA 6. We know that GTA 5 had its versions of in-game social media platforms like Lifeinvader but their role in the main game was minimal. We might be using it a lot more this time around to plan the missions or even check what important people are doing in the game. We will have to wait and see what Rockstar Games reveals about it later.

Lively Nightlife

Moving further ahead, we can see that Vice City has a lot to offer for people who like to stay out and spend their money. This was the case in GTA 5 as well, but GTA 6 seems to be taking it to the next level. We can see a club filled with people enjoying drinks and lap dances while the roads are filled with some really cool exotics including a GTA Vice City-inspired Cheetah, a Porsche-looking Comet, and more vehicles inspired by real-world vehicles such as Aston Martin, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Challenger and more. Vice City is based in Miami so we can expect some real rich people here and hence the nightlife would be absolutely crazy.

GTA 6 Trailer Details

Abundance of Smaller Islands

During one of the shots, the view switches to the sky as we see a plane flying over some of the bridges in the game and we can see in the distance that there are many small islands next to some docks. In the waters, there is a lot of traffic as well. We can see speedboats, smaller jet skis, yachts, fishing boats, and even giant container-carrying ships for such a small area. This shows that the bigger islands will have smaller islands surrounding them and the bridges connecting these major areas will also lead to some smaller areas of the map. Most of these appear to be wild and uninhabited but some islands closer to the bridges appear to have some buildings in them.

Factions or Gangs

Throughout the trailer, we can see a multitude of characters that appear to be part of some gangs or factions. These might be similar to what we had in GTA 5 like The Lost Motorcycle Club or the drug dealers out in the desert. We can see a bike group terrorizing the streets of Vice City in one section and in another, there is also a name that mentions Thrillbilly Mud Club with a large mud-covered playground in the background with ATVs, trucks, and people covered in mud. These might be side activities or actual factions or gangs that partake in such activities and each of them might have their own territories and areas in the game. One section of the trailer also shows a large group blocking a roundabout and performing drifts.

Criminal Lifestyle

GTA games have always been the life of the crime and it will be in GTA 6 as well. As the trailer concludes, we see the main protagonists Lucia and Jason entering and robbing what appears to be a general store. They appear to be wearing face masks and holding guns in both hands like Bonnie and Clyde. The intro also shows Lucia inside a prison getting interviewed by an official. This means that crime will also be a main theme of GTA 6, and we will be on the other side of the law like always. We are not sure what will be the scope of this, but it might be bigger than that of GTA 5.

GTA 6 Trailer

Potential Love Story

Before the trailer ends, we see Lucia and Jason in a rather intimate position saying that they trust each other, and another scene shows both of them driving around in a Sabre and celebrating. This could mean that both of them are romantically involved with each other. The trailer does not reveal anything else at this point but from what we have seen, both Jason and Lucia might be romantically involved with each other as well. The trailer ends before we see anything ends but the scope of their relationship will become clear as we get more information on GTA 6.

Insane Wildlife

There was a small bit of wildlife present in GTA 5 but it seems like Rockstar Games is kicking up things a notch in GTA 5 because there are a lot of animals in the first trailer. We can see ducks flying away as an airboat drives through, lots of flamingos in a marshy area, an alligator walking inside a store, and another alligator being pulled out of a swimming pool. This means that Vice City may have an alligator problem, but it also means that this time around, we will have a lot of wildlife in the game. Rockstar Games will definitely use a lot of programming from Red Dead Redemption 2 for this and it only means that it is going to be amazing.

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What do you think of these details, and did we miss any details that you guys noticed in the game? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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