5 Best Video Games That Are Secretly Educational

Educational Games

Discussions about the presence of education in the game have been going on for years now, and everyone has different opinions. Numerous games have been shown to aid in developing important abilities such as decision making, planning, tactical thinking, and many more. Teaching your children using games alongside traditional workbook assignments may turn the learning process into fun. We are convinced that if you use this combination wisely, you can get a good result. Properly selected games for the educational process can not only provide new knowledge but also develop intelligence and form new important abilities.

1.  Minecraft

In our time, it is difficult to find such a person who, at least once in his or her life, has not heard the name of this game. Therefore, we decided to start the list of educational video games for kids with this title. It no longer simply belongs to video games for kids. This is a whole universe that has firmly taken its place in the minds of people and has long gone beyond the computer world.

The main emphasis lies in the development of non-standard thinking and problem-solving. At every turn, undiscovered places await. Players need to turn on their spatial imagination and create to come out of any situation as a winner. In the gameplay, you can also learn construction skills. After all, for your safety, you will have to build castles and shelters. With the help of the game, it will be possible to include “engineering thinking”. By creating a variety of structures, a player can master how to design real works of engineering art.

2.  Portal Series

Portal is a well-known computer game for older kids in the Puzzle-platform genre, developed and powered by the American corporation Valve on October 10, 2007, for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The story unfolds at the beginning of the 2000s on the territory of a large research complex. Formally, you have to pass the laboratory sections following the test program. In each of the sections, you will have a simple task – to get from point “A” to point “B”.

Here the main character can face difficult obstacles in the form of 2 closed doors, non-working elevators, automatic turrets, and 15 pools filled with deadly gas or toxic waste. In some places, you need to rack your brains to successfully untangle the next issue with new physics factors. Such activities train logical thinking.

3.  Kerbal Space Program

If we take it as an axiom that a video game should carry an idea, then the Kerbal Space Program is in perfect order with this. This is not just a very detailed simulator but a real hymn to astronautics as well as a monument to the community without which the game would have certainly never become what it is.

The Kerbal Space Program involves creating and launching rockets into orbit. Each space mission in the game is a set of completely different tasks. Players select targets, assemble a rocket of the required configuration, take off, fly to some interesting point in space, do their scientific task there, return, and land. Kerbal Space Program is also utilized in several primary and secondary institutions throughout the globe. It supports instructors in educating their students in science.

4.  Eloh

In the puzzle game Eloh, you must arrange blocks so that a bouncing ball travels through more than 90 progressively difficult stages. Each movement adds a new rhythm to the hip, and different on-screen forms produce varied noises. Users may switch the sound on and off and reset the blocks to start a level over without using the timer or scoring. Players need to buy this game before the start. Downloading the app on iOS or Android platforms costs $3.

There are no timers, adverts, or in-app purchases, and the stages become progressively harder. Your children will discover the fundamentals of trigonometry with this game. This software is just another illustration of how to educate your children covertly.

Educational Games

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

You can find Carmen Sandiego on Google Earth if you’re curious about where she is. This popular video game may be played on iOS and Android devices with any size of screens using the Google Earth app or Google’s Chrome web browser. It’s a fascinating method for pupils to have a geographic challenge.

You must click the magnifying glass to begin questioning witnesses all over the world to play the game. Google Earth will automatically zoom in on the interview location when you click on an interviewee. You can zoom in and out of the region of detail just as you do with any other Google Earth application. After speaking with the witnesses, utilize the clues to determine where you should fly next to search for Carmen Sandiego.

Other Useful Games

Those who are keen on historical events and treasure chests can try playing Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries. You may act as Nancy and solve a case just like the novice sleuth would. Whether you take part as a student or senior detective, you’ll interrogate suspects, work out relationship riddles, and escape a number of tricky circumstances to identify the offender.

Logic and orienting abilities will be taught through the Little Big Planet. Players may design their levels, alter the appearance of characters, and include intricate machinery in a gaming process. The most recent version is called Little Big Planet 3 and is available on PSP, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. Other titles that are included in the top 10 video activities are Oregon Trail, Zoombinis, and Democracy.


If you look at non-formal schooling, you can see that now many clubs have sprung up where children are taught programming or mathematics with the help of the top 10 video entertainment. The kids receive valuable knowledge that is wonderfully stored in their memory. Let’s enjoy the games and sometimes look into their territory because they always contain something interesting.

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