Madden NFL 19 Relocating Teams Guide – Choose City, Stadium, Uniforms

Madden NFL 19 Relocating Teams Guide

In Madden NFL 19, you have the option to Relocate Teams when you are playing as an Owner. Relocation of teams can be because of various reasons such as saving a franchise. In this Madden NFL 19 Relocating Teams Guide, we will show you how to relocate teams as an owner.

Once you understand the basis of relocating teams in Madden NFL 19, you will be able to utilize the option to relocate whenever you want. However, relocation of teams is an option that can only be accessed if you are an Owner, and cannot be accessed in Be a Player or Be a Coach mode.

Madden NFL 19 is the American Football sports game based on the National Football League, developed by EA Sports. The game was released on August 10th this month on Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox one.

Madden NFL 19 – Relocating Teams Guide

There are five options for when and how to relocate teams based on those league settings. The options are mentioned below:

  • Normal: If the stadium ratings fall below, all teams may relocate. Human owners can make this happen by not agreeing to repair the stadium. AI teams will try to repair their stadiums but being low on cash by losing season, they will more than likely be relocated. Winning teams will rarely need to relocate.
  • Users Only: For this option, human owners will have the same settings as Normal, but the AI will be forced to remain where they are.
  • Everyone (Can Relocate): All teams can relocate whether the stadium is in need of repairs or not.
  • All Users Only: For this option, human owners will have the same settings as Everyone (Can Relocate), but the AI will be forced to remain where they are.
  • Disabled: In this option, no team can relocate under any circumstances

Madden NFL 19 – How to Relocate Teams

These settings can be changed any time with immediate effect by the commissioner. Additionally, if you are the owner and qualify to relocate a team, an option will be available in Week 5 of the regular season.

You have the option to preview the available cities, but keep in mind that once you lock your choice of relocation, you will be committed.

Start by choosing a new city, a map of the world will be shown where you can choose from various cities. Bear in mind that relocation of teams to other cities is to recover losses, so choosing cities with less interest in NFL will cost you dearly. To be aware of such circumstance, the interest, market size, and personality factors show up that you can use to decide your future.

Once you are done choosing and committing a city, you can chose the logo and name of your team in the 6th week of the season. You also have the option to use the same name and same logo of the city that you will relocate to.

In the 7th week of the season, you will have the option to select the uniform for the team with the help of a popularity poll.

In week 8th, the final step will begin where you will have to select a new stadium. Take into account the market size and personality before you chose a stadium. For example Mexico City has a huge market size for winning teams and also is a large stadium with large capacities. For smaller stadiums, have more suites for the corporate people to bring higher incomes to cover for the fewer ticket sales.

Deluxe and Basic Stadiums choices depend on the amount of money you have. Buy a Deluxe Stadium if you have the money, or you can select a Basic Stadium if you are low on cash.

While the stadium is being built you can go into debt, but not if you are upgrading a stadium. You can only upgrade your stadium once you have cleared off your debt. When you have selected all of these options in all the weeks, your team will relocate in the next year.

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This concludes our Madden NFL 19 Relocating Teams Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.


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