1usmus Announces Project Hydra, A New Overclocking, Tuning Utility for AMD Zen 3 CPUs

AMD Project Hydra

1usmus has revealed his latest project called ‘Project Hydra’, which is a brand-new overclocking and tuning utility that he has been working on for AMD Zen 3 processors. The Project Hydra overclocking and tuning utility has been specifically designed for AMD Zen 3 and Zen 3+ based Ryzen CPUs.

1usmus says that Project Hydra expands upon the CTR (Clock Tuner for Ryzen) framework and brings forward a brand-new UI and updated feature set. 1usmus first released CTR Utility last year which helped improve the efficiency of the Zen 2 based processors and also helped deliver increased performance for Zen 2 Ryzen processors.

And now, Project Hydra has arrived which caters to Zen 3 and Zen 3+ based processors. These include the current Ryzen 5000(G) Desktop / Mobility range, as well as the forthcoming Ryzen Threadripper, Ryzen Threadripper Pro, and mobile CPUs from the Cezanne and Rembrandt lines.

1usmus Project Hydra

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The highlight features of Project Hydra utility for AMD Zen 3 and Zen 3+ Ryzen CPU are listed below.

  • Exclusive App for Zen 3 & Zen 3+ processors
  • The new platform, new UI, compact size
  • Powerful Customization for each profile
  • 3 voltage curves (presets) for all profiles (undervolt, normal, and OC)
  • Up To 9 profiles (maximum performance in any task)
  • Individual profiles for games and AVX2
  • Curve Optimizer search tool for each core
  • New diagnostic (all values are filled in automatically)
  • All profiles can work in dynamic mode (unlocked CCO in Pro version)

The Project Hydra utility offers 1mV granularity vs 3-6 mV in Ryzen Master and 3V curve presets for all profiles. As for the utility itself, there’s a range of fail-safes and additions that have been added over CTR such as a modular setup storage system for minimum chances of damaging the configuration files, ability to adjust the response speed, and CAC-tolerances of the dynamic mode.

A real-time event notification system, the aforementioned built-in failsafe against system and user errors, a 24//7 monitoring system for AMD Ryzen (Zen 3 / Zen 3+) processor parameters with automatic shutdown of profiles in a critical scenario, and auto-updates have also been added, with some of them limited to PRO version of the utility which you will have to pay to upgrade to.

Project Hydra’s Alpha release is set for the end of July, so stay tuned for additional details later this month.

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