Yupitergrad Update to Bring New Time Attack Levels, Free Version Called Sneaki Peaki

Yupitergrad Update

Gamedust has announced to bring a new Yupitergrad update which brings additional Time Attack levels, along with a free version that is called Sneaki Peaki. Both the updates will be free and will be available next month in April.

The quality of life and next challenges updates will make the game even better as it releases next month for PC and Oculus Players. The game is a stylized and unique-looking single-player, dieselpunk in space VR.

Gamedust has also announced that the update for the PlayStation VR version will be released soon after. Talking about the free standalone version of the game called Yupitergrad: Sneaki Peaki will include selected Time Attack levels with a short version of the tutorial for people who just want to try out the game before buying it.

As for the quality of life update, it will be introduce some additional improvements like the revamped UI, player height adjustments, and platform specific tweaks like achievements on Steam. This will be followed by the Next Challenges update with 10 new, completely free Time Attack levels with new obstacles and additional pumping tracks.

Here is what you can expect in the Quality of Life update:

  • Steam Achievements;
  • Friends Leaderboards;
  • Player Height Adjustment for VR;
  • Improved UI with easier access to options menu;
  • Improved Time Attack mode UI;
  • Minor bug fixes.

And in Next Challenges update:

  • 10 new Time Attack levels;
  • Crazy new obstacles;
  • New Slavic tunes for even better vibes.

If you are want to know more about the game, here is the official description provided by Gamedust:

It was an ordinary day in your life as a Slavic cosmonaut. You went on a mission, wearing your space tracksuit with three stripes of quality. What could have gone wrong when you were so thoroughly prepared?

Your task was to go to Jupiter base, test the new device, launch the experiment to produce the fuel, and return home right after with your space shuttle. Obviously, following Murphy’s Law – nothing went as planned.Since I remember everything was an uphill climb for us Slavs. It couldn’t have been any different here. But it made us strong, amirite?

So kiss your babushka goodbye and become a space-traveling Indiana Jones. Roam through an industrial space station with grappling hooks and spatial boosters. See how acrobatics in space, zapping off ledges and walls feel like. Experience the perspective of a space comrade, arcade platforming, and challenging riddles. All soaked in a gritty, full-on Slav, humorous story.

Post your comments below and let us know what you think of the Yupitergrad update.

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