YouTube App Might be Coming for Nintendo Switch Soon

Nintendo Switch new variant

A rumor going around that the YouTube app is coming for the Nintendo Switch. YouTube was desperately needed in the Nintendo portable gaming device, as questions were being raised why such a useful platform wasn’t being introduced in the Switch.

Despite the app not available on the Switch, it now appears that YouTube may be coming as early as November 8 for the Nintendo Switch users on their portable console.

The rumor was spotted by a twitter account NintendHome, which is a North America store page that lists the app releasing on November 8. However, neither Google nor Nintendo have officially announced the news.

Though this is just a rumor, it is not surprise if YouTube actually comes for the Switch as the console has some streaming media capabilities. In fact, the Switch does already have a Hulu app but, even though Hulu is big, it is not as big as YouTube and Netflix.

At the launch of Nintendo Switch, it had zero streaming apps or options. Hulu was then launched roughly one year after the launch of the Switch in November 2017, while Netflix went as far as only saying that they were still exploring the opportunity and talking to Nintendo about it.

Still it could be big news for the Switch if the rumor turns out to be accurate. The device has never seen a good media player for many people, but that might be changing soon. And while many people already have YouTube on their phones and tablets, many children with the Nintendo Switch might now have the easiest way to watch an play games both on one system.

For what it’s worth, Google is determined to make YouTube available on every platform and Nintendo is no stranger to YouTube apps on systems like the Wii U and 3DS, which all suggests that the inclusion of such apps is just a matter of time.

What do you think of YouTube making its way in for Nintendo Switch? Post your comments below.

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