You Can Get a Limited Edition Xbox One X Just by Eating Taco Bell

Xbox One X

A latest promotion by Microsoft have taken things to the extreme, as the technology giant has partnered with a fast food joint to give away a limited edition Taco Bell themed Xbox One X consoles with a ring sound when powered on.

From October 18, every $5 double chalupa bos that you buy from Taco bell will give you a code that you can use to enter a chance to win one of these limited edition consoles. There are many consoles to be won as Microsoft and Taco Bell are giving away one of the consoles every 10 minutes between the dates of October 18 and November 22. That means there are a total of 5000 consoles that are to be won, giving you a better chance in winning one for yourself.

When combined, few things are better than tacos and Xbox. Calling all Taco Bell fans – here’s one you won’t want to miss. That’s right, in the United States, Taco Bell is partnering with Xbox again to give fans the chance to win limited-edition Xbox One X consoles each time they buy a $5 Double Chalupa Box starting October 18 through November 21, 2018.

The exclusive platinum-colored console comes packaged with Taco Bell’s famous “ring” when powered on (exclusive to these limited-edition consoles), a new White Special Edition, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

However, before you can stuff your face with a chalupa after a chalupa, there is a limit to obtaining the codes, as the partnership has set a maximum of 32 codes per person, which makes it fair for other people to participate in the draw too.

The custom console will come up with a ring sound that is usually seen in Taco Bell commercials, as well as a nifty monochromatic design scheme exclusive to Taco bell and Microsoft promotion. In addition, it also comes with an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller with a three month of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

Post your opinions and let us know what you think of the custom Xbox One X in the comments below.

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