Yomi 2, A Deckbuilding Fighting Game, Release Date Announced for June

Yomi 2 Release Date

Yomi 2, the unique deckbuilding fighting game, was featured at the Guerilla Collective 2023 Showcase during which its release date was announced. Yomi 2 is the sequel of the original ‘fighting card game’ and it will release on June 27, 2023, on PC, Mac, and Steam Deck. It will initially release as an Early Access title and will continue further development alongside fan feedback collected by the developer. Check out the latest trailer of Yomi 2 to see the game in action:

Yomi 2 will allow you to compete in a brand new competitive environment built from the ground up to highlight the tension of taking turns. Yomi 2 features the same rules as any other fighting game where you will land combos, frame advantage, attack priority, and more but everything is in a card form. Instead of button inputs and mashing, you will learn a deck of cards and then use them to deal with a string of tracks, blocks, throws, dashes, and special moves to beat down your opponent. The deck will have all of the character’s moves but instead of landing them in real-time, you will need to wait for your turn and then play a card.

This will give you enough time to learn about your enemy’s moves and habits to stuff their attempts to gain momentum and retaliate just in time by using different fighting systems. You will use standing blocks to ward off high attacks, crouch block lows, negate throw attempts and prevent zoner characters from building up their hand size as they establish space with distant fireballs. Once you land enough combos, you will build up your super meter and then use it at the right time for a high-powered, cinematic attack which might just finish off your opponent in one flashy move.

Yomi 2 Release Date

The Early Access release of Yomi 2 will have nine characters with more planned for the future. You will augment their special moves with a choice of one of six gems that can unleash a flurry of attacks that shift momentum in an instant. You can build your skills in different offline modes such as Career, combo practice mode, or 1v1 CPU matches, and once you are comfortable, you can head over to the multiplayer section and jump into ranked games to fight with the elite or aim for more casual gameplay in the pass-and-play local modes or online. A special asynchronous multiplayer mode where opponents can play their turn, and jump into other matches while waiting for their next turn will also arrive later.

The whole point of launching Yomi 2 in early access is for the developer to finalize the digital game by developing and balancing everything that will eventually become a tabletop card game with the same rules and mechanics as the digital version. David Sirlin, President and Founder, of Sirlin Games comments:

It’s difficult to update the balance of a physical card game after its release. So we’re using the digital version of Yomi 2 and Early Access to build out the game and its content, taking in mind feedback from everyone. Then, once we feel the game has been sharpened and balanced, we’ll ship the finalized card game along with the fully formed digital version.

David Serlin is the lead designer behind titles such as Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Fantasy Strike and he is now working on Yomi 2. Starting today, you can try out a free demo for the game on PC via Steam ahead of its debut at the Steam Next Fest later this month. Yomi 2 is slated for an early access release on PC, Mac, and Steam Deck on June 27, 2023. Additional details about the game will be announced later.

What are your thoughts on Yomi 2 and it is something that you would be interested in playing when it comes out on its release date? Let us know in the comments section below.

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