Yakuza Online Trailer Revealed at TGS 2018, Bonus Video Included

Yakuza Online

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is in full swing and like every year, tons of Japan-exclusive mobile games are being revealed. Recently, Sega and Ryu ga Gotoku Studio held a stage event and unveiled the latest trailer for their upcoming Yakuza Online which is also known as Ryu ga Gotoku Online.

Check out the trailer below.

The new trailer reveals many new aspects of the game. Yakuza Online is essentially a mobile ‘card game’ which is a very popular game genre in Japan and is slowly expanding to other regions as well. Yakuza Online will feature a diverse selection of characters ranging from all game entries in the franchise.

Some prominent mentions include Tojo Clan, Omi Alliance, Saejima and Majima. Yakuza Online will also feature Microtransactions and will allow players to use real world currency for character pulls. It will follow the gatcha system which every Yakuza fan is familiar with and GVG or Gang versus Gang battles will also be included in the game.

Pre-registration for the game started some time ago on iOS and Android. You can still opt for pre-registrations by going to this link here. Currently this is only open for Japan.

Another special video was also released which showed some bonus character reveals including a very special reveal at the end. Characters such as Goro Majima and Akiyama are heading to Yakuza Online as well. Watch the video below and find out yourself who the bonus character coming to Yakuza Online really is.

Check out the bonus character reveal video below.

So far, Yakuza Online is exclusive for Japan and we have no words relating to a western release. Even the Japanese release date is not confirmed at the moment and we only know that the game will come out sometime later this year.

Yakuza Online is coming out on PC, iOS and Android devices exclusively in Japan.

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