Xenon Racer Racing Across Platforms Early 2019

Xenon Racer

Soddesco and 3DClouds.it have announced that their latest project Xenon Racer is racing across all major platforms early 2019. Xenon Racer is a futuristic arcade racing game and it features very cool graphics packaged with high speed racing for $49.99.

Check out the reveal trailer below.

From the reveal trailer, we can see that the game is indeed very pretty. The level design looks diverse and well made. The cars themselves look very cool and futuristic. That is because the game is set in the year 2030 and the vehicles in the game are all boosted by Xenon gas.

The game will feature seven diverse locations out of which two locations Dubai and Tokyo have already been revealed. The locations will further feature a different number of tracks of various layouts. Tokyo will offer six different variations while Tokyo has four different variations of the game.

The latest trailer reveals East Coast of the USA as the third location that will be featured in the game. This location will see players blazing across the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. It will feature three different track variations complete in normal and reverse directions. The remaining tracks will be revealed gradually until the game nears its launch date.

Apart from the diverse selection of tracks, Xenon Racer also features different race modes such as Fast Race and Elimination Mode. Players will also be able to go around the track to improve their skills and try to set the best time possible in Time Attack and Checkpoint Mode. If they want to just relax and play the game without any constraints, they can jump in the Free Mode.

The game also features single-player Championship where players will be able to unlock new cars, maps and upgrades for their cars by winning races. The game includes local split screen for couch action and online multiplayer mode if players want to take the competition global.

Xenon Racer is set to release in Early 2019 and will come on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox One.

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