Xbox Series X Games Reveal Event Rumored to be Scheduled for July 23

Xbox Series X Zen 2

We’ve seen plenty of Xbox Series X events since its initial reveal during The Game Awards 2019. Previously, Microsoft held an Inside Xbox Featuring Xbox Series Gameplay however it was not up to mark as Sony’s recently held PlayStation 5 reveal event. Microsoft did not really reveal gameplay as promised during the event which left us wanting more. However, the new event planned for July is all about Xbox Series X games reveal.

This was revealed by Jeff Grub on his official Twitter account and it was later confirmed by VGC as well. According to VGC’s report, the upcoming event will focus on games made for Xbox Series X by Xbox Game Studios. According to the rumors, we will finally get to see the gameplay of Halo Infinite as the game is slated to release alongside Xbox Series X later this year. We can also look forward to a new Forza Motorsport title and a brand new project from their first-party studio The Initiative.

Fable is yet another franchise that has been quiet for a long time and we would love to see it come back to life. While a brand new Fable Twitter account was made recently, this could give us a little bit of hint that a brand new Fable game could be in the pipelines as well. Since we have seen many of the classic games return back to life as remasters, chances of a remastered trilogy cannot be put out of the question here as well.

Previously, we got to know that apart from Forza Horizon, the team at Playground Games is also working on another IP so we can look forward to this brand new game as well. Hopefully, we will get to see a lot of new games and IPs coming on Xbox Series X similar to that of the PS5 game reveal event. Previously we got to know that Xbox Series X is going big with its backwards compatibility program.

Which game are you expecting to be revealed during the upcoming Xbox Series X game reveal event? Let us know in the comments section below.

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