Microsoft Might not Reveal Xbox Series X Price in Upcoming Event

Xbox Series X November 2020

Microsoft is set to host the upcoming Xbox Series X event which will feature the first-party lineup of games for the console on July 23. Many have speculated that the event will come with significant details like the price and the console release date. However, according to a report, Microsoft might not reveal the price and release date of the console.

A report by Venture Beat has said that Microsoft does not plan to reveal the price of the console nor confirm the launch date. The report mentions that it is highly unlikely to share the details. This makes sense as Sony has not confirmed the price of the console as well, and there is no upcoming event that plans to do so.

If the price of the console is not going to be confirmed this month, it means that there won’t be any pre-orders going live for the console anytime before August or even later. The problem here is that we are creeping very close to the holiday season, which is the release date of both Sony and Xbox consoles. Both companies will unlikely prolong the confirmation details any longer, so we expect some announcements to be made sometime next month.

Microsoft has not confirmed anything regarding this report, which is not surprising anyway. The company would not want to overshadow the lineup of games with any announcement that can veer the excitement out of place.

On the other hand, there is a lot to be excited about in the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase event which will feature many of the first-party games for the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has previously said that it has 15 studios that are working on games, which means that we will be getting a look into most of these titles at the event.

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