Xbox One S Leak Shows All Digital Console, Launch Date, Bundle Games

Xbox One S Leak

Microsoft’s long rumored disc-less console Xbox One S has recently shown up in a leak from where it gives us a glimpse of what the console could look like. The leaked images also had a release date, price and bundled games that might be coming with in the all-digital console.

While rumors have been going around about Xbox One S coming as a disc-less console, the images at this point confirm that there is no doubt that its happening. The console looks exactly like an Xbox One without of course the disc drive. Other images show an illustration of “disc-free gaming.”

According to the leak the console is set to launch on May 7, and also show the console to come with a 1TB hard-disk drive, with preinstalled games that include Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft. The biggest thing that the leaked image shows is the price of the console that sits at $260, which differs from the rumors suggesting that the console would be priced at $199. Still, with no confirmation from Microsoft as of yet, the price could differ from what the rumors suggest.

While there is no official word as of yet, Microsoft is set to announce the disc-less console on April 16. This is also when Microsoft is scheduled to host the Inside Xbox showcase event, with a focus on E3 and FanFest. So we might get to see some sort of reveal of the Xbox One S all digital console.

In addition to the release next month in May, rumors also suggest that pre-orders will go live this month. Beyond that, a digital-only console would also perfect for the company’s rumoured Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which bundles both Gold, and Game Pass.

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