Microsoft Planning to Introduce Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is planning to combine Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass into one service and launch it as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The new service will include all the benefits of both services for one price and it will save the players from using two separate services. The new service will be a perfect subscription for anyone who is planning to purchase the upcoming disc-less Xbox One console.

This was revealed by Twitter user h0x0d and the tweet claims that the ultimate service will cost players $14.99 per month and anyone who subscribes to this service will get both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold with one subscription. It makes perfect sense because players need Xbox Live Gold to play online anyway.

Combining both services into one ultimate service will be very beneficial and easy for players to manage their subscription. Earlier players who play on Xbox had to subscribe to both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold separately. Though both offer different purposes, one allows online gaming while the other is a Netflix-like video game download and play service, both are extremely popular among Xbox users because of the value of money.

Xbox Game Pass allows access to a lot of titles which include Xbox One exclusives as well as some Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles thrown in the mix as well. Xbox Live Gold also gives two Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles free each month to all subscribers along with access to all online features. This combination will greatly benefit players who are currently separately subscribed to both services.

This will give a discounted price of around $5 per month of players which is a bargain when you consider what is included in the complete experience. Microsoft has been focusing a lot on its Xbox Game Pass service and now we understand that one of the reasons behind this massive push could be the plans of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. At this point, Microsoft is also working on its xCloud game streaming service.

What do you think of Microsoft’s plans of introducing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription? Will you be willing to choose it over the separate ones? Let us know in the comments section below.

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