WWE 2K Battlegrounds: What A Surprise

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

After the horrible wrestling video game known to mankind as WWE 2K20 got out people we’re not only heartbroken but were straight-up done with 2K and WWE games. There wasn’t any buzz and the scene got cold all until an all-new game WWE 2K Battlegrounds got revealed. In all honesty, we never saw it coming so let’s go ahead and break everything down.

With the cancellation of this year’s flagship simulation game, 2K is filling the gap with something different to keep the fans engaged. This game is being made by Saber Interactive who is known for the super fun “NBA Playgrounds” and “WWE 2K Battlegrounds” is their signature style take on wrestling.

All-star vibes all over again

The 25-second teaser show’s us what the game at its core looks like and for once thank god it looks like pure mindless fun. The superstars are overly exaggerated and their moves are super over the top with a single DDT being hit with a jump of 10 feet yeah try wrapping your head around that and apart from this it shows Rock throwing Cena into an alligator’s mouth which is the highlight of it all because what’s better than crazy interactions and weapons!

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Best of both the worlds

What fans look forward to the most in a wrestling game apart from gameplay is its roster and judging from the trailer it seems that things are looking good with battlegrounds as it shows legends from the past going at it against current stars. The teaser has revealed The Rock, John Cena, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and lastly, if you look at the promotional artwork Stone Cold is also shown which confirms his inclusion too. With five fan favorites already shown, we can expect to see at least 20 to 25 of superstars from each side and if they manage to include a tiny bit from NXT’s lineup it’ll surely make this game way too sweet!

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Also from the game’s description tab, we have learned that this will indeed include fan favorite and crazily demanded feature “Create A Wrestler” which adds up a lot to the game’s life span however people are still a little skeptical because of “All-Stars” creation tab being super barebones.

Brawl without limits

What I am super hyped for is the gameplay and from what very little that has been revealed it seems to be an even crazier version of “All-Stars” players will literally brawl without limits in the game by using super over the top moves, attack each other some traditional weapon alongside special attractions such as gators, explosive barrels and even falling cars. From ESRB’s listing it also out that the game will feature iconic steel cage match but with an epic twist as this time there will be electric shock flowing all over the cage. Crazy stuff!

At first, the speculations were of this being a mobile-only game but luckily this whole thing got debunked thanks to ESRB’s platform listing and it says that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia and will be released in fall 2020. ESER has slapped a Teen rating grade to the upcoming game due to its comical violence while noting that some female stars have certain outfits that reveal mild cleavage.

As a lifelong wrestling fan, this title is honestly that one shot 2K has to either win over fans or completely lose them which eventually leads them to get sacked from making games of WWE.

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