World War 3 Sells 0.1 Million Units in 2 Days Despite Connectivity Issues At Launch

World War 3 released October 19, 2018 exclusively on PC Steam platform. The game is still in early access phase on Steam. The game has sold a total of 0.1 million units in its first two days.

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The 0.1 million units sold is not a small triumph, considerably when the game is exclusive to one platform and it managed to sell well in just two days. Also, post-launch, World War 3 was plagued with unstable server issues. There was a lot of connectivity issues and players were kicked from servers randomly.

Server issues is fixed for now, hopefully, it will help ‘The Farm 51’ developers to sell more units. The game adopts the environment, tactics and gun gameplay from the other war games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

When the game launched it had 11,000 concurrent online players for several initial days. After the unstable servers and connectivity issues now an average of 5,000 concurrent players play the game on daily basis.

World War 3 is online multiplayer first person shooter game that takes you to modern environment of battlefield. The game requires a strong teamplay and tactical approach.

Developers at The Farm 51 furthermore said:

This success is truly humbling, and gives us even greater motivation to continue extensive development of the game,We are planning to offer a form of in-game compensation for your troubles, with more info coming soon

This approach from developers must be appreciated highly. When gamers buy a game they expect a 100% feedback from the developers. For some reasons, if any mishap happens in the game, the developer should give back something as compensation for all the trouble people faced.

Owners of World War 3 must be relieved since the servers are back with more stable and less connectivity issues. Also, the developers at The Farm 51 have mentioned that they will compensate for all the trouble players faced.

Have you bought the game on launch? What other troubles you faced? Share more your thoughts in comments section below.

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