World War 3 Gets a Brand New Community Game Mode Breakthrough

World War 3 Breakthrough

The Farm 51 has announced that after much testing and tweaks, the community game mode Breakthrough is now finally live in World War 3. The mode was earlier live on its PTE servers however it is now live across the game and players can access the mode now and try it out in World War 3.

Breakthrough was an original idea that came directly through the community when a group of players contacted The Farm 51 asking the team if they could set up closed servers to test out the mode. According to the fans, this mode would work really well in the game and the developers actually went forward with the idea. The game mode had a few successful events and after that, the developers took the idea and refined it to make it work in World War 3.

Breakthrough is the game’s third game mode and it fits right between Team Deathmatch and Warzone when it comes to the dynamism and tactical approach to warfare. Players are divided into two teams who try to counter each other’s actions. The attacking team must destroy the radio stations scattered around the map while the defending team must try and prevent this from happening.

The attacking team has access to different weapons and explosives to destroy the radio stations such as planting explosive devices to them and blowing them up. Key features of Breakthrough include:

  • Match lasts between 15 and 30 minutes
  • 10 vs 10 players, split evenly into attackers and defenders
  • Attackers try to destroy radio stations, while defenders try to stop them
  • After successful neutralization of radio stations in both adjacent points (A1 and A2, B1 and B2, etc.), the frontline is pushed back;
  • Defenders have to retreat to safety in 60 seconds as they are marked for the attackers during the retreat
  • If attackers destroy all radio stations, they win
  • If at any point defenders stop attackers from destroying radio stations and the timer reaches zero, they win
  • Players can use all available strikes

The developers of World War 3 are also running a promo during which players can submit their gameplay clips to The Farm 51 at the email ID ‘’ and the winning clips will be combined into an official community trailer of the game. All players whose submissions become part of the official trailer will be rewarded with Steam Keys for World War 3.

You can also check the official website to see the complete list of changes coming to World War 3 alongside the new game mode Breakthrough. You can head over to Steam right now and purchase World War 3 at a 33% discount as well.


Are you looking forward to playing World War 3’s new Breakthrough mode? Let us know in the comments section below.

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