Windward Horizon Sets Sail: Sequel to Popular Naval Sandbox Title Coming to PC in 2024

Windward Horizon

Prepare to set sail once again as Windward Horizon, the highly anticipated sequel to the action-packed naval sandbox game Windward, charts its course for release on PC via Steam in 2024. Developed by Tasharen Entertainment, the game builds upon the success of its predecessor, which has sold over 500,000 copies, promising an immersive and captivating maritime adventure.

In Windward Horizon, players assume the role of a seasoned captain navigating the vast and procedurally generated seas of a stunning world. Amidst this maritime paradise, various factions vie for dominance, offering players the choice to align with favored factions, expand their influence, and complete quests on their behalf. Alternatively, players can opt for a freelancing lifestyle, aiding all factions equally or engaging in trade, growth, or piracy as they see fit. The game’s open-ended nature empowers players to shape their own destiny as captains of the high seas.

Check out the trailer for Windward Horizon below:

The game’s multiplayer component adds another layer of excitement, allowing players to team up with friends in online co-op adventures. Together, they can traverse diverse biomes ranging from icy tundras to unforgiving deserts, engage in trade, fend off pirates, establish thriving towns, and undertake challenging assignments from faction leaders. The option to recruit NPCs for assistance further enhances gameplay, especially during challenging tasks.

Customization lies at the heart of Windward Horizon, offering deep systems for players to tailor their nautical experience. From assembling a skilled naval crew aboard a customizable ship to exploring a flexible talent tree that allows for versatile role combinations, players can truly craft their unique playstyles. Faction reputation unlocks unique ship buffs, while modding support invites enthusiasts to further tweak configurations to suit their preferences.

Windward Horizon

Michael Lyashenko, Founder of Tasharen Entertainment, expressed excitement about Windward Horizon, stating, “As a standalone sequel, Windward Horizon improves upon Windward’s foundation while keeping its original charm. With an engaging gameplay loop filled with intricate systems and detailed customization options, we’re creating a feeling of freedom many open-world sandbox games can’t match.”

Windward Horizon sets sail on PC via Steam in 2024, offering a captivating maritime adventure for $20.00. Prepare to embark on a thrilling voyage filled with exploration, conquest, and endless possibilities on the high seas.

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