Whitethorn Games to Unveil Six New Games in Virtual Presentation

Whitethorn Games PAX West 2023

Indie game publisher Whitethorn Games has announced A Very Whitethorn Winter virtual presentation that will unveil six new games in the event. The presentation will premier on Sunday, March 12th at 10 am PST, 1 pm EST.

The presentation will also feature one of the highly anticipated titles by Whitethorn Games called Lake. The game is set in 1989, where Meredith Weiss takes a break from her career in the big city to deliver mail in her hometown, experience two weeks in the beautiful Providence Oaks, and the iconic lake.

Another one of the studio’s major titles is The Forest Cathedral, which is also going to be showcased at the event with more details. The first-person psychological thriller is set on a remote island, where you play as a scientist called Rachel Carson. You will slowly uncover the effects of DDT by using advanced environmental technology to solve 2D/3D connected puzzles in this dramatic retelling of Silent Spring.

Interestingly, we will be getting new game announcements that the studio has been developing and might be releasing over the course of this year or later. The presentation is also going to reveal major content updates and discount promotions for the several titles in the line-up.


  • New Game Announcements – A grand total of six new games will be unveiled during our event!
  • Sneak Peaks at Never Before Seen Gameplay – Featuring Lake and The Forest Cathedral among others.
  • Major Content Updates & Discount Promotions – Several titles in our current line-up of releases are set to receive notable updates and/or discount periods once the event kicks off.

Be sure to tune in on Sunday to watch A Very Whitethorn Winter presentation on YouTube. Post your comments below and let us know what you have to say.

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