When I Was Young Enters Early Access on Steam, Free Demo Available As Well

When I Was Young Early Access

WallRus Group and Art Games Studio S.A. have announced that their latest project When I was Young is now available on Steam as an Early Access title. The side-scroller shooter puts you in the boots of a soldier who is fighting in the Vietnam War to find his brother. The game can be purchased and you can start helping the developers in Early Access however a free demo is also available if you want to try it out before making the purchase.

In When I Was Young, you must survive and live the harsh life of your brother who is now missing in Vietnam. You start by completing your training to become a soldier and then you head into Vietnam to look for your brother. The singleplayer campaign offers around 7-10 hours of gameplay and will allow you to explore the realities of the Vietnam War. Key features of When I Was Young Include:

  • Intriguing story.
  • 7-10 hour campaign.
  • Intense and brutal combat system.
  • Diversified opponents and traps.
  • Dynamic day/night cycle influencing the AI behavior.
  • Varied gameplay.
  • Smart pixel art graphics.
  • Original soundtrack.

According to the Steam page of When I Was Young, the game’s Early Access version has the following features as of now. More features will be added to the game as development progresses further.

  • There are just over 6 chapters available in early access (that’s 85% of the narrative) and all the basic mechanics:
    • shooting and reloading
    • aiming
    • relocation and construction
    • climbing on stairs
    • explosions, murders, etc
    • following the NPC for player
  • Many types of enemies (NVA and VC), weapons and military vehicles (Gun truck, M113, PBR MKII, etc);
  • A variety of game missions:
    • story telling
    • territory cleanup
    • holding positions
    • item search
    • stealth, etc
  • About 20 unique locations:
    • 60s in America
    • Jungle
    • Vietnamese villages and town
    • Military bases and training camp
    • Tunnels, etc
  • Full (or almost full) soundtrack.
  • Also 20 achievements from 28 planned are realized.

A free demo of When I Was Young is also available for download now on Steam so if you want to check out the game for free, you can head over to Steam and download the free demo right now and jump in the action.

Are you looking forward to playing the free demo or the Early Access version of When I Was Young? Let us know in the comments section below.

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