Psychological Thriller What Happened Gets a Release Date

What Happened Release Date

Publisher Katnappe and developer Genius Slackers of their upcoming psychological thriller, What Happened, have just revealed the release date of the game for PC. The game will be releasing this month on July 30 via Steam

To mark the release date announcement, the developers at Genius Slackers have released their first video dev diary. In it, game director Arash Negahban reveals the inspirations behind the story of What Happened, and what the team set out to achieve.

The gameplay will involve you taking the role of a high school student by the name of Stiles. You have to guide Stiles through the dark corridors of his own mind as he struggles with his demons, real and imagined. The game is a reflection of a world in which cruelty often dominates at the expense of empathy, but where not all hope is lost.

Nightmarish first-person exploration of anxiety, depression and hope arrives on PC this July. Guide high-school student Stiles through the dark and twisted corridors of his own mind this summer

As you explore the game, you will find dark forces hunting Stiles to lure him into self-destruction. Like saving him as he battles his own demons that haunt his mind, the mental realm that Stiles inhabits is unforgiving, with twisted memories lining the hallways of his mind.

As you help Stiles solve puzzles and escape the clutches of his demons, the game will subtly respond to the empathy you show him. Your choices will pull the invisible strings that decide Stiles’ fate, as you attempt to lead him to the light at the end of the tunnel. Stunningly realized in Unreal Engine 4, What Happened is a sensory treat, and testament to the small indie team’s desire to tell their story about suffering and hope in an unforgettable way.

Are you excited to try out the game? What Happened release date is set for July 30. Post your comments below.

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