Way of the Hunter Aurora Shores DLC Launches Tomorrow

Way of the Hunter Aurora Shores

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Nine Rocks Games have announced that the first DLC Aurora Shores for its hunting game Way of the Hunter is launching tomorrow. In Way of the Hunter Aurora Shores, you will be able to become a graduate of the Wildlife Trooper School where you will protect the natural resources of Aurora Shores as you explore untouched nature and choose from a broad selection of hunting equipment to score top trophies. Set in Alaska, you will find yourself in a brand-new environment teaming with diverse wildlife in the new DLC.

In celebration of the release date announced, THQ Nordic has released a brand-new trailer for Way of the Hunter Aurora Shores that we have linked below for you:

In the Aurora Shores DLC, you will step into the shoes of a newly graduated Wildlife Trooper and your mission is to preserve the region’s natural resources. You will immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness and encounter 14 different species from Kodiak Bears to the Roosevelt Elk and beyond. As a trooper, it will be your duty to manage the delicate ecosystem by controlling the population of certain species for the benefit of others. You will get to discover the beauty and open-world habitats of Aurora Shores that start from verdant grasslands and expand all the way over to soaring mountaintops and lush rainforests.

Despite the harsh Alaskan winter, the region still boasts breathtaking landscapes all year-round and you will explore the Nianuk Rise peaks and the sprawling Aivuk Rainforest while being captivated by the charm of this unique wilderness. Key features of Way of the Hunter Aurora Shores DLC include:

  • 14 majestic species of animals to encounter
  • A new landscape to discover – Aurora Shores offers a wide area, 64 square km / 24,7 square miles big
  • New environment types: enjoy rainforests or icy mountain peaks
  • A new storyline to follow: take over the duties of a Wildlife Trooper

Way of the Hunter Aurora Shores

Apart from the paid Aurora Shores DLC, players of Way of the Hunter will also get a free content patch for the base game which introduces a new weapon class for players: Crossbows. For hunters who always wanted to hunt silently, these Crossbows will be the weapon of choice for them. Apart from this, all players can also claim a free UTV DLC which was released back on January 19, 2023. The Aurora Shores DLC is priced at $39.99 and will be available for Way of the Hunter on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC tomorrow, i.e. February 23, 2023. Make sure that you check out our review of Way of the Hunter as well.

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Are you looking forward to jumping back into Way of the Hunter to play the new Aurora Shores DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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