Watch Dogs 3 Might be Set in London According to Report

Watch Dogs 3 London

In a reveal post for the next Assassin’s Creed title, Kotaku has mentioned that Watch Dogs 3 will be set in London. The report clearly states that the game is set in London which also refers to the patched ending of Watch Dogs 2.

Ubisoft patched a different ending for Watch Dogs 2 in an update for the title which also added more features to the title and the new altered ending showed the next location to be London. This leads to a massive rumor about the next title and Kotaku is pretty convinced that Watch Dogs 3 will be based in London.

Fans were not sure about why Ubisoft would change the ending of the title at this stage of the title however the ending was not completely changed altogether. Only a small bit was changed which in the end pointed to some coordinates which lead to Brixton, London if entered in Google Maps.

None of the DLC packs for Watch Dogs 2 were set in Brixton, London so it only means that this might be a lead to the next title of Watch Dogs and the next title will indeed be set in London. According to VG247, the original rumor about the title also suggested that the next title will focus on small arms and melee combat more.

These details also lead to a setting which suits the UK more than the USA. Both first and second titles in the Watch Dogs franchise are set in the USA so it would make sense if Ubisoft wants to change the setting and move to the UK for the next title in the franchise. Watch Dogs 2 also did not perform as good as the original Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft plans to hold a conference at E3 later this year so we are sure that we get to see the next Watch Dogs game and the next Assassin’s Creed title as well. Video game teases and rumors are pretty normal before the official announcement but in this case, it seems like Ubisoft teased the next title right at the end of the second title.

Source: Kotaku, VG247

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