Warriors Orochi 4 Weapons Guide – How to Get Better Weapons

Warriors Orochi 4 Weapons Guide

In this Warriors Orochi 4 Weapons Guide, we will guide you how you can obtain weapons with better elements and attributes. If you have played Warriors Orochi 4 then you will know it is very important that you have the best weapons with good damage output and most attribute slots and elements so that you can easily defeat your enemies.

We have curated this Warriors Orochi 4 Weapons Guide for you in which we will explain to you some simple methods by which you will easily get better weapons and weapons that come with multiple slots for attributes and elements. With the help of this guide, you will be getting an increased weapon drops easily after every battle.

Warriors Orochi 4 Better Weapons – How to Get

Our Warriors Orochi 4 Weapons Guide details everything that you need to know about getting the best weapons in the game.

Using Appraisal

Using the attribute called Appraisal increases your chances of getting better weapons. Make sure that you keep this attribute allocated in your main weapon and play the game. This will greatly increase your chances of finding weapons that have better elements and more attribute slots. To make Appraisal even better, increase the Appraisal up to 10 and then you will be getting even more better weapons.

Try to use a weapon which has multiple attribute slots so that you can easily equip Attribute along with other attributes and elements easily with it. Appraisal will not only help you get better weapons but also the more attributes and elements much easily. More weapons you collect, more attributes and elements will come to you as well with them.

This also depends on the chapter you are playing. Later chapters will give rarer weapons, attributes and elements so try to play them as much as possible with maximum Appraisal equipped in the Attributes slot and you should be golden. Another attribute that seems to give you more and better weapons is Prosperity but Appraisal is still much better and we recommend that you stick with Appraisal rather than Prosperity.

Using Fortuitousness

If you go to the upgrade tab and select Camp Upgrades, you will find Fortuitousness as an upgrade there. It will have three tiers and purchasing each upgrade will allow you to get 1 more lottery ticket at the end of each battle. So if you purchase Fortuitousness I, you will get 1 extra lottery ticket at the end of each battle.

If you purchase Fortuitousness II, you will get 2 extra lottery tickets and if you purchase Fortuitousness III, you get 3 lottery tickets at the end of the battle. Getting extra lottery tickets means that you will get extra weapons at the end of each battle apart from the ones that you already got for playing that battle.

This is yet another great way to increase the number of weapons, attributes and elements that you receive at the end of each battle.

Train Your Warriors

Another way to get better weapons easily is by training your warriors. In the same ‘Upgrade’ tab, you will find the option of ‘Warrior Training’. Head to the tab and choose the warriors that you want to train. Better trained warriors will help you get better weapons easily. They will be able to take down tougher enemies down which will result in you getting better weapons.

This concludes our Warriors Orochi 4 Weapons Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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