Warframe: Fortuna is Coming to PC in November 2018, Console Releases to Follow


Digital Extremes, the developers of Warframe, have announced in an official post that the next major expansion for Warframe called Fortuna is coming to PC in November 2018 while the console versions will be released soon after the PC release.

Check out the official reveal trailer for Warframe: Fortuna below.

According to the official release announcement, the upcoming expansion is set on Venus and it will be the biggest map expansion added to the game. A new faction is also making its way to the game. Fortuna will add new enemies to the game along with many new rewards as well. Secondary weapons crafting and a new hoverboard called K-Drive is also being added to the game.

Along with all this, most importantly a new frame is also coming to the game called Garuda. Garuda will be able to drain health from enemies, hurt itself for increased damage and will come with a special ability that will allow Garuda to spin at her place in a deadly whirlwind of death. Fortuna is also adding a new ability to track and capture animals for special tasks in the game.

However, to get access to the new underground city of Fortuna and the Orb Vallis, players will be required to complete the Venus Junction on Earth. So it is related to the base game as well. As soon as the players complete the Venus Junction, they can travel to the new area and explore the new content of the Fortuna City.

An exact release date is currently not announced however since the expansion is coming out next month, an exact release date will also be released soon. It will arrive first on PC and console versions will come some time later.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you will be playing the new Expansion Fortuna when it lands for Warframe next month.

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