VR Hero Shooter X8 Unleashes Fourth Free Major Update on Steam

X8 Free Update

Thirdverse, Inc. has unveiled the latest milestone for its acclaimed 5v5 VR multiplayer hero shooter, X8, with the launch of its fourth free major update. With over 500,000 downloads globally, X8 continues to redefine the VR combat experience, and the new update brings a range of exciting features and gameplay improvements. Players can now download X8 for free on Steam, starting today.

To mark the release of the free download and the new update, Thirdverse is hosting a special event called the “Double Bonus Bytes Weekend,” running from April 19 at noon to April 21 at 11:59 pm PDT. During this event, players can earn extra Bytes for every match completed on all platforms, with rewards of 60 Bytes per Rush Respawn match and 100 Bytes per Demolition match.

Check out the launch trailer for X8 below:

Here’s a look at some of the key features introduced in the latest major update for X8:

  • Lock-in Rewards: A retention calendar system that rewards players for daily logins, offering Badges upon completing matchmade games. These Badges can be exchanged for Skins, Credits, Bytes, or saved for special rewards.
  • Interactive Weapon Shop Review: Players can now preview and select weapons in a fully interactive 3D space, enhancing the immersive experience of weapon selection.
  • Match MVP: After each game, the most impactful player is highlighted, adding a new layer of recognition for outstanding gameplay performances.
  • Tutorial: Sarai VO Lines: Delve deeper into the world of ‘X8’ with voiced tutorials featuring the character Sarai, providing valuable guidance for newcomers.
  • Team Balancing: The update includes enhanced matchmaking algorithms for fairer and more competitive matches, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.
  • DLC Bundles: Access exclusive DLC bundles on the Meta and Steam Storefronts, offering new skins, characters, and more to enrich the overall gaming experience.

X8 Free Update

With these additions and improvements, ‘X8’ aims to elevate the VR combat arena, offering players a more engaging, rewarding, and balanced gameplay experience. Players can dive into the action-packed world of ‘X8’ on Steam now and participate in the Double Bonus Bytes Weekend event to earn extra rewards. The third major update for X8 was released back in February 2024.

Would you be jumping back in X8 to try out the fourth free major update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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