Parenting-Simulator-RPG Volcano Princess Delayed Until April

Volcano Princess Delayed

Publisher Gamera Games has announced that its upcoming parenting-simulator-RPG Volcano Princess has been delayed until April 2023. Currently, under development at the two-person development team Egg Hatcher, Volcano Princess allows you to train your daughter to become the next princess of the Volcano Kingdom. Volcano Princess is a decision-heavy title where every decision you make will not only affect your daughter but also the entire kingdom as it prepares for a new queen.

Gamera Games has issued an official statement citing that the delay was caused due to the development team coming in contact with COVID earlier this month. While the team is recovering however they are unable to devote 100% as usual to development. You can check out the official statement below:

Hello everyone, how is your winter holiday?

We’ve had a tough winter. A quick change occurred in our local shortly after we announced the release date. Two developers and most of the team caught COVID earlier this month; we are recovering, but cannot devote 100% as usual to development.

In addition, despite several rounds of QA, we still need to evaluate the process in order to ensure the game’s quality. This delay was decided after we weighed the pros and cons. It is our hope that Volcano Princess can be a warm, healing, and interesting experience for all players, regardless of whether it is us or our long-awaited players.

Once again, thank you very much for your support!

In Volcano Princess, you will step into the shoes of a king whose wife has died, and now it is his duty to train and parent his only daughter to be the next queen of the Volcano Kingdom. You will need to make sure that she has everything she needs to be happy in her daily life and studies. You will explore new hobbies and interests with her as she is always learning so you can throw in a variety of different jobs and activities in the mix to diversify her learning.

Volcano Princess Delayed

You can also introduce the princess to a number of different NPCs who live in the Volcano Kingdom. This will help her in learning how to better engage with people and practice prim & proper etiquette. You can also arrange for her to attend one of four major colleges in the Volcano Kingdom. When the time comes, she can pledge herself to different lords of the land and complete their assigned tasks in order to grow her fame and standing among the noble families. Depending on your choices, you will eventually reach one of the endings of the game.

A free demo of Volcano Princess is now available on Steam that you can try out right now or you can add the game to your wishlist so that you can give the game a shot when it launches on PC later this April.

What are your thoughts on Volcano Princess getting delayed into April? Are you looking forward to playing it when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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