VEILED EXPERTS Final Beta Tests Date Announced, Starting in March


NEXON Games has announced the Final Beta Test dates for its upcoming fast tactical third-person shooter VEILED EXPERTS. As part of the Final Beta Test, VEILED EXPERTS will be open to the public starting Thursday, March 30, 12 AM PT until Thursday, April 6, 12 AM PT. During this time, players from around the world will be able to jump into the fast-paced action of VEILED EXPERTS to try out the game before its full release later this year.

To prepare players for the upcoming Final Beta Test, NEXON has released a new trailer for VEILED EXPERTS. Check it out below:

In the Final Beta Test of VEILED EXPERTS, players will be able to experience 7 maps, 10 agents, and 4 unique modes including Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and the 5v5 Bomb Difusal mission which is the main highlight of VEILED EXPERTS. A full Ranked game will also be available in the Final Beta Test along with different customization options for both weapons and characters which will allow players to adjust their loadouts to suit their playstyles. The trailer reveals everything that players can expect from the Final Beta Test. However, one mode, one map, and one agent have been kept secret and will be available when Final Beta Test launches next month.

VEILED EXPERTS is a brand-new tactical 5v5 third-person shooter which features dynamic environments with destructible elements, a cast of characters with unique abilities and styles, and a variety of mission sites that are engulfed in an ever-changing magnetic field that ensures that no two battles are ever the same. Different game modes ensure that players have varied combat scenarios and objectives. Key features of the game include:

  • Distinct Bomb Defusal mode – This mode combines an authentic bomb defusal mission with a robust weapon/item shop and a shrinking magnetic field, creating a dynamically changing game map and different loadouts with each round, ensuring unique battles with each match
  • Fast-paced gameplay – Appropriate number of rounds and fast-paced gameplay shorter with well-balanced TTK (Time to Kill) resulting in faster rounds than other competitive shooters
  • Dynamic Action and gunplay – Various parkour actions, free movements and dynamic combat allow for greater mobility, and a wider range of combat scenarios and experimentation.
  • Charming and Unique Characters – Diverse and unique set of agents each with their own specialized abilities and Leptons, coupled with customizable elements and cosmetics to tailor to each play style
  • Strategic elements – Endless variety of strategies made with tactical items (drones, scan grenades) and destructible environments (breakable walls, exploding cars) allow for constantly changing battles


We took part in a closed preview of VEILED EXPERTS earlier this month and we loved the game. Make sure that you check out our preview of VEILED EXPERTS as well in which we share our preview experience. A Steam page for the game is now live as well where you can add the game to your wishlist if you wish to play it when it launches or take part in the upcoming Final Beta Test. You can also apply for the Final Beta Test on Steam.

Let us know in the comments section below if you are interested in playing the upcoming Final Beta Test for VEILED EXPERTS.

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