Ultimate Fishing Simulator Coming to Xbox One Next Week

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Xbox One

Ultimate Games S.A. have announced that their fishing simulator title, Ultimate Fishing Simulator is releasing on the Xbox One next week on May 29. The basic edition of the game on the console will also be offering three DLC’s on the launch, and more to be added later. This includes the Kariba Dam, The Moraine Lake, and Greenland.

The publisher has also confirmed that the game would be launching later on the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4, with Xbox One getting the priority here and launching early. There is no confirmation when it will launch on the other consoles, but the publisher has stated that it will be releasing in the following months.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Xbox One

Ultimate Fishing Simulator will feature vastly improved graphics, a third-person view, and new dynamic water and fish AI system. The first title in the series, Ultimate Fishing Simulator was launched back in 2018 for PC. According to the developers the game that the community is 115k people strong and that the total number of sold add-ons has exceeded 100 thousand. In addition, the VR edition of the game that was also released a few months ago was popular.

Rafał Jelonek, COO at Ultimate Games S.A. had this to say about the announcement,

The premiere on Xbox One is the console debut of the Ultimate Fishing Simulator brand. The conversion takes into account the specific nature of Microsoft’s console, but it is the most faithful port possible. Many fisheries, various species of fish, very diverse fishing techniques, dynamic weather changes, a skill development system or a view from the perspective of the lure – these are only some of the game’s features.

Naturally, the simulator is being developed mainly with lovers of virtual fishing in mind, but we have also prepared an additional mode that allows those who have no idea about catching fish to enjoy the game. What’s important, upon purchase, the Xbox One owners will receive not only the base game, but also three DLCs.

Here are the main features of the game:

  • one of the top-rated fishing games;
  • 10 locations (fisheries) based on real places, including 2 winter fisheries and one sea fishery;
  • diverse fishing techniques (spinning, float, ground and fly fishing, sea, ice and beach fishing);
  • several dozen types of fish;
  • photorealistic water, dynamic weather system;
  • boats (such as yachts and motorboats);
  • skill development system and trophy room;
  • additional view from the lure’s perspective;
  • 3 expansion packs for the base game.

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