Two New Characters Leaked for SoulCalibur VI, Raphael and Cervantes

SoulCalibur VI

Recently a SoulCalibur VI event was held in Australia, which had a newer demo build of the game. This was proved to be newer because when the game was running, the character selection screen showed two new characters which were not present in the earlier builds presented by the developers.

These two characters are none other than Raphael and Cervantes who were present in SoulCalibur II and Soul Edge. Therefore, this means that both of them are returning to the upcoming title of the franchise. The images below are from the newer demo build shown at the Australian event.

SoulCalibur VI SoulCalibur VI SoulCalibur VI

The leak was made via Resetra where a user, Raw Sauce, had published these images along with the information of both the characters. There have been no official announcements by the developers on this but since they are shown in the game already, we think that it is safe to say that both of them are present in the game.

This leaves only four spots empty on the character roster. We are eagerly waiting to see which two characters will be added to complete the roster of the game. We would love to have Hwang, Inferno and Lizardman added to the game. The fourth spot could be for a custom character as well but we will have to wait a bit to see that.

The developers of the game are optimistic about the game as they are putting their best effort in the game to make it the best game possible in the franchise. The franchise has seen some rough time but they want to change that with the sixth title in the franchise.

SoulCalibur VI is the sixth franchise in the series and is due to come out on October 19. It will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Check out more on SoulCalibur VI about why this might be the last game in the franchise.

Stay tuned for more information about the game. We are always adding new information about SoulCalibur VI as it is revealed.

Sources: Resetera, Gematsu

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