Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Release Date Announced At PAX

Travis Strikes Again Launch Trailer

An official release date for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes again has been set for January 18, 2019 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Travis Strikes Again is a spin off from the No More Heroes series as it features Travis Touchdown as its protagonist.

Fans of the No More Heroes series will recognize the story and setting of the game as the story of Travis Strikes Again is set seven years after No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. The story features Travis Touchdown and Bad Man, who is the father of Bad Girl, whom Travis killed in the first game. Bad Man tries to avenge his death but both Travis and Bad Man get stuck in a haunted game console called Death Drive Mk-II. They then have to fight their way out of Death Drive.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – Gameplay

Source: IGN

Players will be completing seven different games each with their own varied challenges and boss fights. Additionally, there is also an adventure mode featuring a new story co op multiplayer as well.
Creator of the game, Gaichi Suda noted, “we decided that we wanted to go for a really arcade feel for the game, similar to stuff like Gauntlet–or rather like Smash TV. That sort of helped define how the game would play.”

“The theme this time with the game is that Travis is going into these different game worlds and finding his way through them. I also want it to be sort of a journey through game history itself, and all the games I played as a kid really influenced me in forming that.”

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – Features

  • With Beam Katana in hand, Travis vows to exterminate every last bug he finds. Chain his simple yet exhilarating basic attacks and his arsenal of skill attacks to cut them down to size.
  • A brutal boss lurks at the end of each game. Creatively combine your moves to crush them!
  • Collecting all seven Death Balls will allow you to make one wish. Anything you desire can be granted, so make sure to collect them all!
  • Pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for co-op multiplayer—and partner up with the one and only Badman!
  • Also, there is the adventure mode, which tells an all-new story!!

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on January 18, 2019. Are you looking forward to playing this spin off of the series? Tell us in the comments below.

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