Town is a New RPG Coming for Nintendo Switch in 2019

Nintendo Direct

Pokémon developer Game Freak is working on a new Nintendo Switch game called Town. The game is expected to come out sometime next year in 2019.

The game was showcased at the Nintendo Direct presentation with a video that showed the gameplay features. Town takes place in a seemingly ordinary town that is peaceful, however, it is filled with monsters attacking the town. And these aren’t just any monsters, as the sizes suggest that they are huge.

Source: GameXplain

Town is set in a small village. Under the protection of a great castle, the village enjoyed great peace — that is, until the sudden appearance of monsters. The entire story takes place within the walls of this single village.

Players will take up arms against invading monsters and strategically select from a variety of battle commands. At times, you will need to utilize the terrain, buildings, and the help of fellow villagers in order to defeat the invaders.

This is the first game by Game Freak for the Nintendo Switch for quite some time. The company is also known for developing many non-Pokemon games before like Drill Dozer for the Game Boy Advance, HarmoKnight for Pocket Card Jocker for the Nintendo 3DS and Tembo the Badass Elephant for windows PC and Playstation 3.


There aren’t many much details of the game other that what is said in the trailer. Even the name “Town” is subject to change. The game however doesn’t seem to be a big scale game like Pokémon, but the concept and art style is definitely eye catching. The fact that the monsters pose a threat with their size and actually look menacing adds to the fun.

Town will be launched for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. In the mean time, you can look at many titles other titles like Final Fantasy Classic Games that are coming for the Switch, or Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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