Torchlight Infinite Latest Trailer Showcases Characters and Settings Ahead of Open Beta Launch

Torchlight: Infinite Season 5

X.D inc has just released a new Torchlight Infinite CG trailer that showcases new characters and settings ahead of the open beta launch in October. The pre-registrations for iOS are now open while the trailer gives us a first look at what to expect in this new installment of the Torchlight legacy.

Watch the Torchlight Infinite trailer below:

As we can see in the CG trailer, the game is all about finding hope in the darkness. Based on the. Based on lore from the original Torchlight, players can experience a new story in an apocalyptic era where danger lurks around every corner. A team of Torchlight heroes are on a mission to prevent an invasion of darkness and protect innocents who have been forced from their homes.

The colorful trailer also reveals key characters including the Aemberons, evil creatures born from the Aember, and the Sparks, the hope of the world of Torchlight. The game will also allow you to create your own unique builds and combat styles by combining different skills, talents, gear, and hero traits.

Each character in Torchlight: Infinite comes with 3 different hero traits, along with the game’s 230 skills and the Six Gods Talent System, allowing for players to progress their hero as they see fit. Throughout the game, players are encouraged to explore the nearly endless possibilities of building their hero, enjoying incredibly diverse combat techniques.

Torchlight Infinite

Key Features:

  • Fluid, intense combat – Goblin Camp, Dwarven Mine, Church Plaza? No matter the location experience thrilling ear-piercing explosions, devastating character jumps, and hordes of monsters in some of torchlight’s smoothest, most slick combat to date.
  • Zero to hero – Every playable hero has endless possibilities, play heroes your way by utilizing their traits with a character build you control. Combine your loot, skills, talents, and traits to take down legendary bosses.
  • Open character progression – Have the freedom to build your hero exactly the way you want to by combining skills, talents, traits, gear affixes, legendary gears
  • Loot, loot, and more loot – Infinite Loot, Infinite stamina, and no skill cooldowns mean only one thing: more action and more loot.
  • Looking for trade – Got some stellar equipment but it just ain’t for you? Trade it on the in-game marketplace and maybe pick something up that’s more for you.
  • Season of change – Post-launch content seasons with all new content, heroes, and more coming on a regular basis.
  • Cross-play – Play across PC, iOS, and Android.

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What do you think of the new Torchlight Infinite CG trailer? Post your comments below.

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