Award-Winning Strategy Game TimeMelters Launches 1.0 Version on Steam, Console Release Later in 2024


Independent game developer AutoExec Games has unveiled the official release of TimeMelters 1.0, a captivating strategy and hero defense hybrid, now available on PC via Steam. This announcement marks a significant milestone for the Canadian-based studio, comprised of three developers driven by a passion for classic games and innovative gameplay mechanics. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions are scheduled for release later this year, expanding the game’s reach to console players.

TimeMelters, recognized as the Grand Winner at the Ubisoft Indie Contest 2022, Gold Winner of Best Indie Game at NYX 2023, and recipient of the Technological Innovation Award at MIGS 2023, offers a unique time-shifting mechanic. Players can rewind time to fight alongside their past selves, crafting strategies to prevent doomsday scenarios from occurring. The game seamlessly integrates cooperative gameplay mechanics, allowing solo players to scheme strategies or team up with a friend using the Friend Pass feature, requiring only one copy of the game.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Vincent Blanchard, CEO at AutoExec Games, reflects on the studio’s inspiration behind TimeMelters, drawing parallels to classic PC gaming experiences like Diablo and King’s Quest. Over five years of development, the team aimed to recapture the sense of marvel and innovation from those influential titles while offering a fresh, challenging experience for veteran gamers.

In TimeMelters, players navigate through real-time action-strategy gameplay across single-player and co-op campaigns, solving puzzles, defeating bosses, and defending territories. The game features a skill tree progression system, 40 mind-bending challenges, and a speedrun mode to test players’ strategic prowess and reflexes.

Key features of TimeMelters include its time distortion mechanic, online cooperative campaign, varied gameplay phases blending planning and action elements, time manipulation mechanics, and an intriguing narrative set in a dark era of witchcraft and mystery.


With the 1.0 version now available on Steam, players can immerse themselves in the rich world of TimeMelters, mastering time manipulation to alter the course of history. Console players can anticipate the game’s arrival on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year, promising an expanded audience for this innovative strategy experience.

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