THQ Nordic Releases Another Darksiders 3 Trailer – New Fury Weapons, Abilities and More


Darksiders 3 is third sequel to the original Darksiders game that released eight years ago in 2010. The game is currently developed by Gunfire Games and published by THQ Nordic. The third part in the installment took longer than expected, mainly due to bankruptcy events that happened couple of years ago with THQ Nordic.

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The new trailer of Darksiders 3 is amazing, it showcases few new moves, new powers, new weapons and more. Just in case you missed the trailer, watch here.

In the trailer you can spot few new things that were never shown in the trailers before. Fury creates some mystic hammer weapon. That mystic purple lighting hammer weapon smashes enemies so hard, it almost feels like overpowered.

The trailer once more showcases fierce character of Fury. The Fury is the third horse-men. She is more lethal and terrifying than the first two horse-men who came before her. All four horse-men are related with each other. For one, Fury calls ‘War and Death’ brothers.


The trailer also showcases some scenes where Fury’s hairs turn purple. Her real color is red-ish, but for some un-explained reasons here in the trailer, her hairs turn purple. We will get to know more once THQ Nordic or Gunfire Games shed information officially.

Another purple thing to notice was when Fury took a rock like form, surrounding herself with purple rocks. After this, she used this ability to traverse around some area which can be accessed by foot (good guess). This is some kind of ability, one that can be unlocked to reach certain doors or enemies for better rewards.

The purple glow, the purple hammer weapon and all that is showcased in the trailer, is the hollow form of Fury. We currently do not know if this is the only hollow form in the game that Fury will unlock or there is more to it.

Let us know what more you found out in the trailer. Share your thoughts in comments section below.

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